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Trial V Storm

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by The Wheel, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. The Wheel

    The Wheel Well-Known Member

    +2,765 /88
    Pick the score and 2 player that stand out

    Manly 32 - Storm 16

    Aaron Groome scores 2 tries in first appearance in top company in a stand out performance

    Jamie Lyon claims 5/8 position for Round 1 with a polished performance at pivot
  2. Nutzcraw

    Nutzcraw Active Member

    +4 /0
    Score: 28 - 10 to Manly

    Standout 1: Travis Burns, holds off lyon with a great performance. (i don't mind which one actually plays 5/8th as long as both are in the team, but keep faith in the young fella)

    Standout 2: Sione Fenafuaki (fro??) - Gain a spot on the bench ala George Rose Last year
  3. Dan

    Dan Kim Jong Dan Staff Member Administrator 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +7,753 /120
    Manly 10 Storm 26

    Standout: me for not knowing until 4 days after and canning on well into the night ending with a rather spicey curry and trip to the bog before bed
  4. PJ

    PJ Well-Known Member

    +49 /1
    Manly 38- Storm 20

    Travis Burns and Glen Stewart the standouts
  5. earl

    earl Active Member

    +0 /0
    I cant really come up with a score line , just that I think the storm will roll us. Although I hope not.
    Im a little worried if they stick Burns in at 5/8. Inglis will murder him one on one.
    Broncos lost against St Helens last night , but it is still a little one sided with St Helens 3 games into their season and Broncos not having played a game since last year.
  6. Nutzcraw

    Nutzcraw Active Member

    +4 /0
    Inglis isn't playing mate.... they are fielding a second grade team
  7. earl

    earl Active Member

    +0 /0
    Ok then,
    manly should be able to pull off a win.
    I can understand leaving stars out , but that would mean their first real hit out would be Round 1. Although , ask Flannery if he would have liked to sit out the trial games.

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