Trbojevic tackle technique can save NRL: Gillmeister

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Perfect example of how fuked up the NRL is. Cleanest and most accomplished safe tackler in the game and gets constantly penalised by these fukwit referees because of it. How about these ars*clowns wake the fuk up and reward the good, safe tackle instead of penalising it. They might find the game is more attractive , and less dangerous to the players.

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He really definitely is one of the best technical tacklers I have seen, very rarely gets into a bad position. At least for Manly colours, I would only rate Tooves higher. His ability to leverage his strength and body positions was close to unique, imo.


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All we need is someon to teach Jake how too bus a tackle and get the pass away. not holding my breath!


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It’s insane That the nrl are not placing a high focus on rewarding strong tackle technique and in particular legs tackles. There was a time when dominant tackle was called and players could just hold the player down and get the benefit from it. Why not apply the same and call it dominant or solo legs tackle and apply the same logic. There is nothing attractive about defence in the nrl these days as all the good tackles get negative results through opposition gaining quick play the balls.

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i hate hearing the commentators saying 'what a great tackle that is' when 3 or 4 players are involved in a tackle.
to me a great tackle is one where it is one on one and the defender totally dominates the attacker - just like jake almost every time


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I think Jakey does get a bit of advantage from his tackling style although not maybe directly. The amount of the time the refs let Jake lay on the tackle is bordering on outrageous if you're being honest about it, he didn't pick up the endearing nickname slug from nowhere.

With all that said, there should definitely be a rules based advantage and encouragement of some kind given to legitimate good tackles, that now really just result in a disadvantage due to them enabling quicker PTB's.

If the game is serious about lowering the amount and frequency of head injuries, it ironically seems a no brainer 🧠

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Yet again just now at 8-all a Wests player 1 minute from halftime performs a legs tackle on tackle #5 over 30m out from the try line. The Rooster on his elbows immediately gets given a six again call. Roosters score try next play in the corner. Just no reality from NRL.

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