Travis Burns

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Reserve Grader
This kid can play. Sign up Travis long term - quick.

Burns is now starting to get confidence running at holes - and what a difference! He set up the Stewart try that started the comeback by running off Orford. He is only a whisker away from creating real trouble for opposition defences. Given his age, he just could develop into a very fine attacking player indeed, not just a very solid defender with a high workrate.

He's also shut his mouth the last two games so he's not giving away free kicks.

He's often the only player chasing through to pressure kickers, and when he does he sprints, so his enthusiasm is fantastic.

I'm beginning to wonder, do we need Lyon? The ongoing improvement in Matai and Burns is just outstanding.

Perhaps we should focus on the forwards when purchasing for next year.

One thing Manly should do is get Dunley & Burns & (presumably) Ballin to do plenty of extra kicking training, especially for short kicks into the ingoal, but also for the long kicks. Having kicking options in these playmaker positions other than Orford and Monas is vital.

Beaver produced a beauty which caught out Grothe for Hicks' try - and probably caused Grothe to lose confidence & to hang back too deep leading to Bell's try from Orford's long pass. We need those sort of kicking options that keep the defence guessing when and from whom the next kick is coming.


First Grader
This kid has surprised me, he's good and improving every game.

Did he give any penalties away yesterday?


First Grader
The only thing that still ****s me about Matai is his seemingly lack of understanding of the simple rules. He gives away one or two stupid penalties every game, yesterday blatantly for not standing square.

Apart from that I thought the whole team showed the guts and spirit thats required to win a comp.
Sorry, but I thought Trav had one of his poorer games. He offered no kicking help to Orford - all his kicks went out. And he didn't distribute a lot of great ball - he always puts on that right step and straightens up and runs at the line rather than getting it to Bell. And he missed some bad tackles too.


Winging it
He is up to the grade but yesterday his kicks went too deep and he seemed to run and get tackled with it every time instead of passing. He has guts and ability, deserves his spot and is only going to improve.

The Wheel
Premium Member
I'm beginning to wonder, do we need Lyon? The ongoing improvement in Matai and Burns is just outstanding.

I was thinking the same thing but I guess you can not let the player the class of lyon walk by, prefer to have than play against him


Reserve Grader
Totally agree Wheel. Lyon is all class. He'd add a new attacking dimension to the team. And I'd LOVE to see him in Maroon & White. And it's a matter of how much are we willing to pay and can the money be better spent elsewhere. We have some possible huge holes to fill in the forwards next year.


UFO Hunter
Sterlo is totally against parra having anything to do with Lyon. He has publicly stated it on the weekend in one of your papers. Slipping my mind which one right now.

I'd say we will do our best to sign him. Burns is off contract at the end of the season and although our loyalty is going to lye with the youngster doing great things for the club this season, your head has to lye with what Orford and Lyon could be capable in 7 and 6. I don't think we would play him in the centres.


Journey Man
Theres easily room at the club for a player like that but is there room under the cap - thats the real question


I still dont think hes done enough to be a long term 5/8 for the club. Hes done reasonably well as hes partnered by a great halfback.

Hes offered nothing in attack.. kicking wise or passing wise. When Orford looks to spread the ball.. its the ever predictable.. step and run trick. Its getting old and is really frustrating.

His defence is good but hes got to watch the jumping before tackling as he will hit someone high sooner or later. Overall the potential is there but i think hes still lacking in attack to be a good 5/8.


Reserve Grader
The greatest five-eighth, the greatest player, and arguably the best coach this club has ever seen, Bob Fulton, endorses Burns and reckons we should sign him up now.

I happen to agree with the great Bozo on this one.

I have a sense of deja vu - when the world was saying we should sign Kimmorley, when we had a player called Orford coming through the ranks. Grab Burns now or regret it later.


I tend to agree.. keep burns i think

I reckon let lyon go by.. use the money in the forwards.. we have a team capable of giving the comp a shake now.. why not spend the money on some forwards to try and somewhat cover the loss of BK


First Grader
would be crazy not to at least make a play for Lyon, some people seem to forget how good he is.


Reserve Grader
We have a capable centre pairing and a 5/8 with a heart like phar laps. Forget lyon and get some meatheads for up front
Sorry, but anyone who says that Lyon's not worth going after is like saying that our
team wouldn't be improved if we had Gasnier in our backline. Makes no sense at all. However, on the other foot, I do see the need to stock up on our pack.


Sorry, but anyone who says that Lyon's not worth going after is like saying that our
team wouldn't be improved if we had Gasnier in our backline. Makes no sense at all. However, on the other foot, I do see the need to stock up on our pack.

I wouldn't take gasnier either... i know these guys are good players and yes i do know how good lyon is (i have foxtel and watch the ESL when i can).... but at the end of the day you can have anyone you want in the backline but we are still going to lose if the forwards aren't going forward!!

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