Travis Burns Role


Journey Man
i didnt see anything special from travis in the back row.

he looked no better than willo in defence and couldnt match him in hard running attack up the middle. If you want to send him wider then you move either watmough or stewart out of their current positions.


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Strangely I find myself agreeing with Fluffy. Burns is not a backrower. His best is 5/8 as a running style , ala Alan Thompson in the 70s or hooker alternating with Ballin. I haven't seen Lyon setting the joint on fire as 5/8. His best is in the centres imo.


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Height, he is the shortest bloke in the team. I'll be picking Ryan as lock in the Silvertails team :)


Journey Man
Height, he is the shortest bloke in the team. I'll be picking Ryan as lock in the Silvertails team :)

That would make you the resident George Rose. With a Paul Harrigan mid 90's landing strip.


Thank goodness not everyone on this twighlight zone site thinks Burns is our next BK ;)

Just an example of the blinkered, phillistine, pig ignorance I've come to expect from you people. (Said in good spirit for the slowies).

Why does the Manly lock have to be a BK type player ?

Think outside the square, people.

There aren't any scrums, so forwards don't have to be as big.
You play Travis in exactly the way he would at 5/8. Lyon is like a 3rd centre (which is his go anyway) & Matai takes up the hard running bit.
You put your best team on the park, not a team that fits some tired old stereotype.


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Duff I cant wait for the day Burns is expected to do 20 hitups. and make 220m and make 10 offloads a game, including 40 tackles. :)


UFO Hunter
Very rarely do forwards consistently make 200+ meters byso.

And is that what williamson does atm?


I would never expect that from Burns.

Think OUTSIDE the suqare. He would be expected to do what he does, not what the number on his back dictates.

Props have to be your two biggest, halfbacks your most creative in attack. Other than that, you can taylor the team to suit the players you have.

Try to be flexible Byso.


UFO Hunter
The point at hand is that both Burns and our current lock (Willo) are both exceptional defenders. Can't split them IMO.

But, the big difference is that burns offers a lot more in attack. He might not make the same meters that willo does (not a lot) but the variety he would add would be worth a gamble.
The fact that all bar the front row can play 80, and Kite can play about 60 all effectively probably gives the option for a few changes to the side.

I still think if you have to play one players as a back-rower/lock, then Matai would be much more effective than Burns.


UFO Hunter
I would rather matai in lock also.

The only problem with that is Burns is the one off contract and he would offer more in Lock than center which is where the available space would be if Matai moved.

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