Travis burns gone

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Travis Burns is on the open market and looks like heading up to the cowboys.................. bad move by our club.


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The salary cap strikes again. It is inevitable that any team that is at the pointy end of the ladder will lose players. For teams that are not performing as well it is less likley that the "non star" players of those teams would attract a lot of interest from outside clubs.

Because our entire squad are playing well the players that are off contract will command interest from other clubs and that will up their asking price. Players that are to be retained by Manly will almost certainly have had their contracts upgraded and next thing you know we are approaching the cap limit.

There is where Melbourne have been so successful, they continue to identify the best of the junior talent, who had even heard of Israel Faloul 12 months ago and only 2 years ago Greg Inglis was a nobody. Whilst Melbourne may have the best of the best when it comes to their roster I am willing to bet they have signed many of their players to longer terms deals, at relativley low value when their talents where unknown to the NRL.


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I dont want to see him go but these things happen.

We have Ballin for hooker, Lyon for 5/8 with Bell & Matai in the centres. Hard to fit it him in the starting side.


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I really don't think its our salary cap. He just can't get a starting role.

Does anyone think he won't take the full time role playing outside Thurston?

It would do wonders for his rep career.


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He gives his all every game and tackles his arse off but we only have a bench position for him when all our players are fit. I dont want him to go but if he does I wont lose any sleep over it, I have never seen him take a game by the scruff of the neck and win it for us or even dominate a game in attack, I have only seen him set up a couple of tries at the most to be honest.

Basically if he leaves we will survive.

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Garts cuts to the heart of the matter. Just watch his left foot step when he starts playing against us & we'll be right. Oh, and he never passes either.


Stupid, stupid, stupid.
We could afford to lose either Burns OR Monas, not both.

Now we're stuck with Lyon at 5/8 & have no real cover for injuries unless Mr Conservative wants Groom in 1sts next year. Maybe that's why Groom was at no9 for a bit. He will be the new utility player. Look what's happened to the last two.


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Yes I too think it's very short sighted. I don't think Lyon is a 5/8 contray to all others and Bell aint doing much imo. Given lots of you think Matai would be better at lock and Monnas going, it leaves us a bit short on backline talent. Ballin must be spitting chips given he hasn't even been on the bench the last few games and it wouldn't surprise me to see him leave. However Burns will learn heaps playing outside Thurston. It'll certainly tighten up their defense. Life will go on.


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All I am saying is we will cope if he leaves. I dont want him to go but he may well end up leaving. I also am not convinced with Lyon at 5/8 but he has hardly done a terrible job when given a chance there. Just have to wait and see!!!!

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I am with Garts on this

I would like him to stay, bout wont be gutted if he leaves, and will wish him all the best.

My reasons are basically that long term i dont see him as a 5/8, more as a hooker, and we will have Ballin there long term.

I also see Lyon being a better 5/8 for the future of Manly. Will be a worry when Lyon is on NSW duty, but i guess Des has been grooming Halden a bit

So yeah, would love him to stay, would be an awesome utility, but wont begrudge him leaving


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If he does sign elsewhere I would hope Des would bring Ballin onto the bench in Burns place when we are at full strength. Not really weakening the team by doing this imo!!!


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The issue is whether Burns will wait for Bell to return to QLD after his contract with Manly expires next year. That would reshuffle Lyon back to the centre IMO. Unless we blood & keep the PL guys.

Its a tough one! don't want to looe him, but you can understand his position.


I was crucified at the time for saying I wouldn't really care if we lose both mona's and burns!!

I'd prefer him to stay but it's no biggie if he goes... we'd lose a good hard defender.

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