Travis Burns and Half Stability

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A few people are crucifying Travis Burns for his form on Sat night. Sure, he had a quiet game but our half combination was a rabble.

The experiment to have Monas go from five-eighth to hooker to first receiver did not pay off and I don't think Burns should cop the flak for that.

Burns has undoubted talent and Des needs to make a call and give a few weeks for the combination to pay off. I say stop stuffing around with the switch here and there and play the same guy in the same spot.


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Not sure on Burns ,but a big "i agree" on the stability of positions.All this swapping & starting is totally unstable to a team which need to get to know each others game & learn to gel..


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fair point CW he was hardly given a chance - did little right or little wrong - i wonder how much game time did he actually get?


yeah i think he might be another struggling to get a run this year (well if des does what i think is the right thing)..... because i totally agree that we don't need to chop and change the 5/8... keep mona's there with ox and let them work it out.

Apart from injury they should remain the same.

So... that only leaves the hooking role.. can burns play that and if he can the question is... who is better burns or ballin?

i think ballin is the man for the job... then the only other way he can get a run in the first grade team (taking out injury) is if he can make a better impact off the bench than dunley.


Burns didnt even impress me in PL last year. I dont see the fuss. I think Ballin is a player worth bringing up from the PL team.. i rate him highly and i think he must be promoted. Monas and Orford will kill it in a month or so.. give them time. Burns aint the answer.

As for Witt.... we cannot convert tries we dont score. Hes got nothing in attack and nothing in defence.

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