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Travelling Supportah Tour update for 2010 year

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Mark from Brisbane, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Mark from Brisbane

    Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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    I know I am yet to have may of you people join me on one of my trips BUT this is a Manly forum so you at least need to know what the plans are for 2010, so here we go.

    New Zealand

    There would still be time to squeeze you in (we have almost 60 going already) but we’ll really need to know by Friday this week, and also our group flights have all been handed back so there may be some additional costs on airfares BUT I am sure we could get you there. The trip departs in just a little over 3 weeks (Friday 2nd April).


    We should know the date of this in a few weeks, it is looking VERY much like it will be a Monday, if so we won’t be doing a Melbourne package in 2010 (and I KNOW how sad you are at that as the two trips we made down south in 2009 were some of our most popular tours with over 250 people travelling in just two weeks.)

    IF (and I do say if) it happens to be a Friday, Saturday or Sunday we’ll be there with bells on but I fear with the new stadium not yet ready and the other venues being taken for AFL we will be consigned to a Monday night and as I say if it’s a Monday we wont be doing anything for this game.


    Whilst we don’t have the actual date yet this will almost be guaranteed to be Saturday 29th May. (all of the Cowboys games are Saturday’s due to the enormous amount of people who attend the games up there from hundreds and sometimes thousands of Kms away).

    So as soon as we have the date for this confirmed we’ll announce our overnight package (with extensions if you want to make it a little longer) for that weekend. As is usual we have accommodation, pre game function, transfers and reserved seat to the game.

    Gold Coast

    Two weeks after that there will be the big one for 2010, the Gold Coast.

    This is on the June long weekend, and as such that also poses an additional set of issues in that the Coast is usually choka block full that weekend, great weather, long weekend Australia wide and a heap on SO we will probably only have a 3 night package available (might be able to squeeze it down to 2). We will find it VERY hard to get a hotel to give us a block on one night during this peak weekend. You might score a room for the one night yourself but that may not be where the rest of the group will be staying. We are doing our best with this BUT as I say being a long weekend makes it quite difficult to offer shorter alternatives.

    We’ll certainly have accommodation, transfers to and from the game and tickets and I would be 99% sure there will be a huge post match function with a chance to meet the players and coaching staff (last year Arko was special guest) so you may just have to open the wallet a little more and be prepared for the three nights…by the way why not come for the three nights anyway, there’s not exactly a shortage of things to do on the Goldie that weekend!!

    Round 26 Brookvale

    And for the out of towners, and just like last year, we’ll be doing a “final home game package”. Subject to it NOT being a Monday we’ll have the 2nd of our annual ‘Travelling Supportah season farewell lunch’s”, as well as accommodation at the Brooky Travelodge, tickets to the game and the pre function with the Football Club (if a member) as well, it will be a great end to the season.


    I am just going through the planning stages now of a package that I think may interest you all, and perhaps this becomes an “end of season Supportahs tour”???

    On Sunday the 31st of October, Australia play England in one of the end of season Four Nations games in Melbourne.

    And on Tuesday the 2nd of November the 150th Melbourne Cup will be run at Flemington racecourse

    YES we’ll have reserved seats to both events.

    And so we’ll have a “package” that will take in both events, this will include accommodation, groups flights ex Sydney or Brisbane and reserved seats (so no standing with the other 250,000 people on Melbourne Cup Day) to both the Cup and the Four Nations.

    I’ll have details on this in about 2-3 weeks but I thought a few of you may be interested….it would be a fantastic opportunity for the Travelling Supportahs that didn’t make the 4 day NZ tour to experience the “group tour environment”  that we offer, if you have never done one of our full blown trips you really have missed out on an experience as we go all out to make sure you have a ball!!

    Anyway more on that when I get everything finalised.

    Cheers everyone, thanks for reading and as usual  GO MANLY

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