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Is anyone really interested in the new comp next year ?

The NRL have been trying to pump it up as the next big thing, but the majority seem to not be too keen on it.

Just been reading an article quoting some coaches and their thoughts on it, and many aren't really liking it from the sounds of it, one calling it "glorified SG Ball". Hasler mentioned that he would be prioritising the Open Age setup as the next step down from 1st grade for someone who is under 20 and pushing for NRL. Bennett said that his players will be heading back to the QLD Cup because that is better than them just playing their peers as they always have. The only coach mentioned giving it full support was Elliot, and even he said he didn't like the idea initially but they will do their best to support it.

So what are the opinions of the people on here ? Personally, i would have loved to have seen a return to the full reserve grade setup, and i am sure that would mean more to most fans too.


Nothing wrong with the old days whern they had a full reserve grade team and an under 23's team playing before the Fg game.

If a player under 20 is good enough they will either be playing FG or reserve grade

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I think the case of Sonny Bill and Benji tells us though that hitting the big time before being fully developed is not always in the best interests of the player. There are exceptions but generally they need a bit more time and development muscularly.

Back in the 70s you protected young players from old thugs trying to wipe them out.

I couldn't give a rip about an Under 20s comp and worry about all the players who will fall between the gaps.


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there has to be some positives coming from it but the concept needs to change and adapt, what if each team could have 4 players over 20 to help the younger guys develop, imgaine if, for example only, that BK who obviously still has a desire to play just not a the top grade could play in the under 20's comp as an "elder" who is there to develop the players, not only as professional sportsmen but as decent people to, someone to show them how it works, so as to stop or at least minmise the negative press we get from the young guys who go out on the pisss and reak havoc amongst the general public


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How this U/20's format will better prepare players for NRL is beyond me. With the exception of the players being just 1 year older how is at any different to the existing Jersey Flegg setup with the exception of a few extra teams.


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Stupid. PL was OK with me. Fans go along to see the main game anyway. Why would anyone, apart from the diehards, go to see a gloridied SG Ball runaround. Another of the Gallop specials along with peanuts for TV rights.

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