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Toyota Cup for this year trial review!

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Darren, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. Darren

    Darren Well-Known Member

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    Hi all, got there at 5.30pm for kickoff. Dave Penna played nearly 2 teams with a mixture of his starting team in both games. I did here that we are not spending much on totota cup so probably the reason for lack of talent/depth.

    Standouts and potential for this year:

    Hoppa: goes without saying. Will be in Toyota cup this year. Remember we lost Buhrer, Jarred, Keiran, Lussick so big changes in squad.

    Half: Gary Riccardi: I believe came from QLD with big wraps from scouts. He is very good with directing play, nice passing game and kicks well. Has a touch of class about him but will need a strong pack to give him room.

    Prop: Lama Tasi: Big find from last year (Ipswich) who has slimmed up into a wrecking machine. Was the standout last night in the forwards. He made loads of yards, carrying players with him and also played most of the match. Quite excited about him. Great build for footy and towered over shaeks forwards. I hope he is signed up long term. He seems much more mobile on the defensive line than Jarred H.

    Hooker: We have a future no 9 in Liam Higgins. Signed from Knights he has played state rep and has all the skills to play nrl. His passing and timing of the pass is sensational. Whe he went off our flow just slowed down. He reminds me of Buderus. He kicked from dummy half into the wind from near halfway and it sat up in in goal. He seems to have loads of potential and very keen on him.

    2nd row: Mitch Jowett: Heard he played well against Souths. Did great last night as well. Big kid who makes some great runs out wide. He has really kicked on since juniors. Probably 2 years away from higher stuff but good potential. Reminded of me of Ben Creagh type.

    Other props: James Cunningham and Magnus Stromquist: Both very highly rated by club. Stromquist, I believe could still play sg ball, real nugget webke build where as Cunningham is much taller and mobile.

    Didn't see Josh Portlock who is a state rep centre but quite young. Unfortunately, the rest of the team last night looked average so could be very tough year. I have read some other toyota teams and they are stacked with talent. Yet, if we get 4-5 players for our nrl team that would be great. 

    ERNIE FOR NO7 Active Member

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    Also forgot to mention that Warea-Hargreaves was a wrecking ball for them last year and they had the services of Foran for the first half of the season

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