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Kim Jong Dan
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I am an absolutely massive fan of high fidelity, its one of my all time top 5 best movies ;)

anyway since there has been some discussion of top 5 bands thought a thread on it would be good.

I couldnt give you my top 5 bands of all time I could possibly give you an unordered top 20.

anyway fire away
I'm a massive Jack Black fan....It's acutally more of an obsession but meh

High Fedality was good, but its NOTHING compared to Orange County *bows at its name being mentioned*. JB's character "Lance" is possibly the best movie character ever.

School Of Rock was gold also. But the one that has the potential to be the greatest movie ever made is "Tenacious D : In The Pick Of Desinty"


My top 20/50 bands are in the Gen. X thread..

Top 5 movies

Orange County
School Of Rock
The Castle

*Special mentions*

Cool Runnings
Ace Ventura 1 & 2
Rush Hour 1 & @
Dumb & Dumber
Cannibal The Musical
Fav movie by a long shot

the blues brothers. Has everything.

the rest of the 5 would have to be:

Pink floyd the wall (movie)
full metal jacket
holy grail (python of course)

jeez that was hard
My all time favourites are:

Zulu (Michael Caine)
Line of Fire (Clint Eastwood)
The Searchers (The Duke)
Crocodile Dundee
The Naked Gun
Top 5 movies, in no order

The Shawshank Redemption, The Lord of the Rings (They can count as one), 50 First Dates, There's Something About Mary and Saving Private Ryan.

That is bloody difficult to do.
Bloody classic mate, i didnt rip into your selections, ie The Blue Brothers as the best movie ever, i haven't seen it but i know it would be sh!thouse :D .
I guess I have pretty poor taste compared with the selections of others and would go for action/adventure with a touch of the dark side movies like:
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Mummy (both, but first better - the Brendan Fraser versions)
Van Helsing

also love Aussie movies like Muriel's Wedding & The Castle.
in no particular order- Blues Bros, magnificent 7, life of brian, the longest day, lock stock and 2 smoking barrels.
Trainspotting is good but not in my top lists.

I wouldnt buy it on DVD.

I dont need to buy road trip, saw it 4 times at the movies - it makes my top 10.

Worth a mention is watching the wizard of oz with dark side of the moon as the soundtrack instead. Very interesting and certainly freaky.
Jeez...My taste is rather diffierent:-

State Of Grace (Gary Oldman)
True Romance (Christian Slater)
Braveheart (Mel Gibson)
LOTR (Various)
Once were Warriors (for laugh factor)
I'm very impressed that Zulu makes Wheel's list. I hope you all realise that the Matabele's gave the Zulus the mother of all spankings when they clashed. :lol:

My list (in no particular order):

Return of the King
Flatliners :?
Fight Club
Passion of the Christ
Mata - I saw Passion of the Christ this week. SHOCK value is all I have to say. It rates up there as a horror almost. It was extremely mind effecting. The thing is though, it may have been pretty realistic. Goes to show what commitment to the human race has been given doesn't it.

Love thy enemy...from that you moie, you know what I mean...Sheesh...
I didn't say I enjoyed the Passion. However, in terms of it being a close to realistic portrayal of one of the more significant events in history it has to be right up there.

There's no Hollywood license taken with the crucifixion. The reality is that, whilst obviously distressing and brutal, the movie has held back from going all the way in portraying the crucifixion. The expression "to be thrashed within an inch of your life" comes from the Roman floggings and it means what it says. They'd leave an inch of flesh intact only.

In some ways it's a shame the movie didn't have more cut backs to Jesus' ministry years. I'm hoping there's more of that on the box set that's due to be released. However, in terms of showing the fulfillment of the Isaiah prophecy that the movie starts with, it does the job.

I know opinions on the movie are hugely divided. However I don't know how you could sit through watching what he goes through and decide one of two options:

1. He was mad (deluded); or
2. He was who he said he was.

I'm not sure you'd go through with that sort of thing (especially as he was given a get out clause several times) if you were lying or half hearted about it.
if your mad, you truly believe what you believe.

So he could be as mad as a hatter and still have gone through what he did.

Ever met someone with severe mental illness?

My dads friend was around our house when he believed his arms had fallen off and he needed to cut the remained off. Pretty grewsome and pretty horrible experience, he is alright now but has some scars. Just stating that you could be mad and go through anything for what you believed to be the truth
Exactly Zap. That's why it is one of the options.

Of course both options presume that the movie is dealing with something that happened in history, not a fairy tale. But for fear of hi-jacking what is a good thread, let's not go there!

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