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Top 100

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by veegee, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. veegee

    veegee New Member

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    What a joke this list is, when you have guys like BK, Beaver, Cliff Lyons and Max Krilich.

    For Beaver to have been overlooked twice (Top 100 and Top 30 players by RLW) is an absolute joke. He is the all time leading forward try scorer and a role model on and off the field. Throw in his exceptional defence, positional play and the fact that he has represented his state and country with distinction; I am absolutely appalled that he can miss out.

    Even though it’s good to be hated again (wouldn’t have it any other way), I think it is farce that the panel has chosen to leave Beaver out of the top 100 greatest players. A player of his calibre deserves to the face of this Centenary season (just look at his records and is behaviour on and off the field). I would like to dare this panel that picked the top 100 to find another player who had achieved so much, shown so much loyalty, and been an absolute legend and continuing to do so.

    Well boys I hope you guys take note of this and use it as extra motivating factors in the up coming season.  Beaver will always be my top player and I hope he make these so called experts eat humble pie this season. I guess my 6 year old is a fairly good judge when he say that his favourite Rugby league player is Steve Menzies (but then his know better not to pick anyone else… hehehe)

    Good luck to the boys in the upcoming season and I would just like to say – Go the Mighty Sea Eagles.


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