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Tooves you should be angry at Foran, not NZ !

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Beaver boy, May 8, 2015.

  1. Beaver boy

    Beaver boy Well-Known Member

    +366 /71
    Cannot beleive Tooves had a swipe at NZ for Foran staying on with his hamstring injury. He should be directing his anger at this grub who had no consideration for his club.

    He was well below standard on the night and the sooner he departs the better.
  2. Kevinward777

    Kevinward777 Well-Known Member

    +2,397 /55
    Yep can't walk out the door fast enough.
  3. Menzies11

    Menzies11 Well-Known Member

    +325 /7
    He would probably do another hammy on the way. Sure one of our boys would be able to carry him though, they have been doing it for the last six months.
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    • c eagle

      c eagle Well-Known Member

      +452 /52
      Yeah I was holding out hope this kid was just getting beat up in the media, but it's becoming very apparent he's all for himself ..... Sad I was thinking future captain, now just can't wait for season to end to see the back of the spoilt brat.
    • MadMarcus

      MadMarcus Local Lunatic 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +7,376 /67
    • brad

      brad Well-Known Member

      +2,814 /109
      I don't know ,between him and cherry they seem like level headed well spoken young men . We can Have a go at tooves but at the end of the day Foran was cleared to play . Yes he was not 100% in manlys eyes but he was still cleared to play . Foran would of been cleared by the doctors so maybe we should be all up the nrl for their employees.
    • MissKate

      MissKate Well-Known Member Premium Member

      +1,482 /7
      If Manly had stepped in and not allowed foran to play we would have been hung drawn and quartered by NZ, the media and foran. Had NZ lost the game we would never have heard the end of it
    • Rex

      Rex Well-Known Member

      +2,340 /60
      Swipe at NZ for hammy call = Swipe at Foz for hammy call
      Sometimes criticisms are more easily heard when depersonalised.
    • HoldenV8

      HoldenV8 Well-Known Member

      +8,980 /153
      I can't see a big deal really. Whoever plays 5/8 for us in the next few weeks is going to plug a big commitment hole.

      We all know that when motivated Foran can be a match winner. He hasn't been that in a Manly jumper since at least August 2014.
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      • mickqld

        mickqld Sack Greenslime 2017 Tipping Competitor

        +4,565 /97
        So the twerp did his hammy in the first 20 min but he soldiered on for his country. Funny but I seem to recall when he did his hammy vs Parra in round 1 that he instantly threw the ball away giving possession to Parra & then limping straight off with his hand in the air before a trainer got anywhere near him. Doesn't sound like the brave trooper he's been made out to be. More like an over inflated pussy.
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        • Terry Zarsoff

          Terry Zarsoff Well-Known Member

          +5,265 /89
          Yes, his absence is a potential blessing in disguise. And behind all the bluster, I'm sure coach Toovey and co. know that. Maybe not Zorba though. He is still holding on to the 'Foran as Ian Martin reincarnated' theory.

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