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Tooves Greatest team

Pittwater Legend

We brought back Geoff Toovey!
Mar 11, 2009
A legendary team named by Tooves. Understandably there are a couple of sentimental picks in his line up as well.

Such a hard task for any Manly fan to name an all-time greatest Manly side, given the bottomless list of exceptional players we’ve had. Personally my line up could always keep chopping and changing in a short period of time due to our abundance of legends

40 nil

Well-Known Member
Dec 11, 2018
The team below has no foreign players & for fun, I have used nick names. I include Chez because I think he has more all round skill than other Manly halfbacks and also has longevity. Tooves couldn't be left out, so he is named at hooker. Of course, there are numerous 'notable omissions', e.g. Snake, Rowdy, Snoz, Thrower, Crusher, Jurbo and so on...
  1. Wombat
  2. Mongo
  3. Killer
  4. Bozo
  5. Turbo
  6. Napper
  7. Chez
  8. Lurch
  9. Tooves
  10. Iron
  11. Beaver
  12. Igor
  13. Gifty
  14. Sorry
  15. Pogo
  16. Cement
  17. Spud
  1. Graham Eadie
  2. Ken Irvine
  3. Jamie Lyon
  4. Bob Fulton
  5. Tom Trbojevic
  6. Cliff Lyons
  7. Daly Cherry-Evans
  8. John O'Neill
  9. Geoff Toovey
  10. Ian Roberts
  11. Steve Menzies
  12. Terry Randall
  13. Glen Stewart
  14. Des Hasler
  15. John Morgan
  16. David Gillepsie
  17. Mark Carroll


Sea Eagle Lach
Staff member
Premium Member
Mar 8, 2009
Tooves has shown how smart he is with those selections. Obviously he is not claiming they are all the best (though some obviously are) and the few 'cute' choices means no noses will be out of joint as he is dealing with the assignment in the light-hearted manner it deserved.

His comment that fans will be happy with plenty of cult heroes made me wonder ...

How about an all-time Manly cult hero team?

1 Bob Batty
2 Stuart Davis
3 Steve Matai
4 Tessa
5 Jorge
6 Clifford
7 Tooves
8 Bill Hamilton
9 Fred Jones
10 The Mule
12 Watmough

Not quite sure what the qualification is for this team, I guess that's for each fan to decide @:cool:


Sea Eagle forever
Sep 13, 2004
Too many hits to the head Tooves. Seriously. Surely he was on the piss when he came up with that.


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Premium Member
Jun 22, 2010
I think it was actually a 2 iron. Would have to be a hybrid these days - no one plays a 2 iron anymore.
I always thought it was "the 1-iron with ears".
Whatever club it was, it was an apt nickname.


Active Member
Sep 17, 2010
O'connor is nowhere near the player Jamie Lyon was! Just my opinion.........
O’Connor played for Australia in Rugby and League. Kicked that winning goal from the sideline in Origin in the pouring rain at the SFS., as well as scoring all 18 points in another Origin win. He was very instrumental in our GF success in 87.
Was a brilliant player and exciting to watch, so don’t think he loses much in comparison to Lyon, whom I also admired as a player.

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