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Tonight's wrap

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Turbo, May 21, 2016.

  1. Turbo

    Turbo Well-Known Member

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    Player ratings

    1.Stewart-5-Good pass but that where it ended time to retire snake
    2.Williame-6-Great under the high ball but bad errors
    3.Walker-7.5-Best game of the year, he belong here good agility and evasion
    4.Trbojevic-8-Playing injured and still better than most players on the field great meters
    5.Wright-6-Solid but not outstanding
    6.Lyon-6-Better defence from him and combined well with DCE
    7.Cherry-Evans-7-Good game from him just lacking control
    8.Lussick-6-Solid good for a penalty though
    9.Parcell-7-Another great consistent performance
    10.Lawrence-6-Wasn't his best game but wasn't bad
    11.Brown-7-Defence was outstanding and was his best game of the year
    12.Buhrer-8-Absolutely brilliant great try and defence
    13.Trbojevic-7-Great workhorse attributes once again

    14.Leary-4-Minimal impact not needed in our team
    15.Starling-5.5-Solid but would rather AFB
    16.Myles-5-Was good while he was on but hopefully injured lol
    17.Vave-7-Awesome impact and aggression

    For next week Canberra will be tough and I'm not sure we can match them but we need big body's. Next weeks team should be as follows if we are injury free.

    2.Tafua-He is a workhorse and belongs in our side
    6.Lyon-He has to stay here it's a must

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    • NYEagle

      NYEagle Well-Known Member

      +1,400 /84
      1.Stewart-6 - played better. Obviously very important to the team.
      2.Williame-6-Solid. I actually forgot he is not Wright. That's a pass.
      3.Walker-6.5-Finally dangerous, but again Soft.As.Fk line defense. Lost a point.
      4.Trbojevic-8-Playing injured and still better than most players on the field great meters
      5.Wright-6-Solid. I actually forgot he is not Will-I-am-me. So same score.
      6.Lyon-6.5-Tried hard and a little better.
      7.Cherry-Evans-7.5-Busy. Worked hard, but with no go forward hard to make that with a kick.
      8.Lussick-6.5-Passionate, a few nice runs. Not much more.
      9.Parcell-7-The only real speed. Needs to play like Granville.
      10.Lawrence-6.5-Worked hard. Limited game time.
      11.Brown-7.5-Was everywhere. Well done.
      12.Buhrer-8.5-OMG do many need this man. Old school class.
      13.Trbojevic-7-Hard working effort.

      14.Leary-4-Minimal impact. Tom Symonds please.
      15.Starling-4-Slow as bat****e. AFB please.
      16.Myles-4-Always tired after that first hitup. Our Origin man Myles.
      17.Vave-7.5-Gritted his teeth and played hard.

      Overall: Almost a Manly performance. Some really good energy, and great defensive effort 20-65th minute. Great signs there. OK with backline with guys coming back, but get rid of BLeary and Starling now, they are passengers.
      In attack there needs to be more hitups from forwards from tap kicks. I hate that initial sideways play to be honest.
    • Hgbcds

      Hgbcds Well-Known Member

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      Bye next week .what about the week after?
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      • Fluffy

        Fluffy Well-Known Member

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        thats his Yatt for the training run next weekend
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        • maxta

          maxta Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

          +4,505 /100
          Gunna give Vave 8....simply a massive game & totally changed the momentum ...
          Lawrence a 7.5....great leg drive to often win the ruck
          The rest pretty damn accurate....great to see Walker attacking 5-10 metered wider & ...as most haven't noticed.... the RIGHT hand side to utilise his left fend, speed & attacking ability
        • HoldenV8

          HoldenV8 Well-Known Member

          +10,513 /173
          Brett Stewart - 6. Defence has gone missing but was much better in attack than we've seen from him in 2016

          Brayden Wiliame - 6. Dropped ball early hurt but otherwise he was fine. Scored a nice try set up by a vintage Snake pass.

          Dylan Walker - 7. Moving to the centres (in attack at least, he still defended at 5/8) saw him have easily his best game for Manly. Dangerous every time he touched the ball knowing all he had to do was run with it.

          Tom Trbojevic - 8. First game in the centres and wow!! Other than his Steve Matai inspired dropped ball (coincidentally against the Sharks in the Shire), Tommy was brilliant tonight both running the ball and in defence. If we win he was easily the MoM.

          Matthew Wright - 5. Other than his brain snap pass he was ok.

          Jamie Lyon - 7. Goal kicking was off which hurt us, but his best game of the year playing at 5/8. Note to Barrett.....keep Killer at pivot!!!

          Daly Cherry-Evans - 7. His kicking, which for so long has been one of his strengths, is what is letting him down right now. Otherwise he is playing himself back into form.

          Darcy Lussick - 3. Darcy, you are killing us from the inside. Stop giving away the silly penalties. You're not a kid anymore with a lot to prove, you're a seasoned prop who should be leading the way. Start bloody well acting and playing like it.

          Matt Parcell - 6. Quiet game from Matty tonight, though he didn't do anything wrong and was everywhere in defence as usual.

          Brenton Lawrence - 6. Only played 33 minutes but still ran for close to 100 metres.

          Lewis Brown - 6. Showed why he is a current Kiwi international tonight. Best game in the maroon and white.

          Jamie Buhrer - 6. Boy have we missed this guy. May not make a lot of metres in attack but is everywhere in defence and his ball skills and general enthusiasm are what our back row has been missing lately.

          Jake Trbojevic - 8. In a battle with the incumbent NSW captain and Kangaroos test front rower Paul Gallen, honours came out pretty even which is a feather in Jake's cap.

          Nate Myles - 3. Limited impact in limited minutes due to failing the concussion test.

          Blake Leary - 5. Wasn't too bad in limited minutes. Made some decent tackles.

          Josh Starling - 6. Not bad from Star. Gave an honest performance.

          Siosaia Vave - 7. Back to where he is best suited, starting on the bench and providing a spark when he comes on. Made some good runs which we've come to expect from him.
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            Last edited: May 22, 2016
          • davohan123

            davohan123 Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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            We have the bye next week
            I think we come out and beat the raiders in 2 weeks time, they will be coming off a Sunday afternoon game against the Bulldogs and play us on the Friday night and we are coming off the bye.
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