firstly i must say im watching on TV with 18 to go, so maybe there ill be a minor miracle, i have not looked at the score.

In brief a few points, massively out muscled in the front Row, thank god Choc and Willo made three million tackles,

in the first 15 i saw King drop the ball twice, luckily he got a penalty for one, he made some hit ups but never looked like busting a ballon, he jumped onto a tackle third man in at least 6 times and sledged the crap out of the souths players as they humilated him. he wasnt robinson crusoe, but its hard to bag Curtis ( who just loves to give away a penalty) and Bryant as they really are not first graders.

Our halves, even though behind a well beaten pack where totally outclassed by a pair who have about 15 games of first grade between them, allowing for that fact anyone who thinks we will win a comp ith our curren

t halves is kidding themselves. I know we seem to be falling apart in the second half, but we still had plenty of ball in their half before half time, yet only looked like scoring when dunley tried to set stuff up.

All tonight really proved is how good Beaver BK 1 and 2 really are. As they have made a lot of ordinary footballers look bloody good.

Thought alberts had a fair first game in a beaten side, class above Steppa, G Stewart was dissapointing, but as mentioned before Willo and Choc tackled there guts out. Moorwood played his first and last game in ones.

Just watched that gordon bloke who played flegg this season, only 18 run over a few blokes to go over in the corner...i guess they are on that big a roll not a lot can be stopped now. Just watched the replay, he just ran over Monaghs outstanding defensive statistics............ :roll:


mate as i said, once it reached that stage with that roll on, your right, didnt really mean much. im more dissapointed with the first half performance letting the rabbits get onto that much of a rol.


we were dissapointing mate. But it happens. We move on and welcome back 5 players back next week. With open arms too.


First Grader
Thanks for your view Pepsi.

Well i'm pissed that we lost, there should be no excuse. I'm dissapointed because we had a couple of players out and we couldn't shape up to a low class side.

We will bounce back for sure. This is the 3rd time Manly has been pumped. but the've always managed to get up for the next few games.


we just have to forget about this game and focus on not letting the Knights embarass us at our fortress.


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hey d!ckhewad - moorwood played in round 26 last year but hey it was hid FIRST and LAST game tonight.



is that yoiur constructive contribution Fluff ? abusing me because i forgot morewod played one game last year ? sorry i forgot, it must have been a cracking performance !

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