Tommy’s 4th tackle runs

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Sir Pigman

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What do people think about the Tommy 4th tackle hit up ? It happens nearly all the time. I think the logic is he gets a quick play the ball leading into the kick.

For me it takes him out of the 5th tackle play where he chases the kick. It also takes him out of play in the 4th tackle & he just plays like a front rower taking a hit up.


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It's been a bit of a trend in the NRL for a few years.

Teddy does it often, as does Edwards.

Yes it takes the fullback out of attack chasing the kick, but it also puts the fullback behind the new defensive line as the rest of the team chase through.

And Tommy has the quickest play the ball in the team.


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He usually makes plenty of metres and has a quick play the ball.

And he does them when we are not in an attacking position.

They frustrate me, only because there isn't another player stepping up to do it.

But it is getting the best possible result for the team, as far as field position is concerned.


I agree with the tactic but the execution has been poor. I don’t feel Tommy has been fighting hard enough or finding the ground in the tackles to get that quick ball the ball.
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The tactic is smart often finds his front on the ground makes 10 m and we get a nice kick . We don't need tom chasing kicks from our 40m line.


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Surely we can use someone else. It's like using a Ferrari in a demolition derby. Thought Tom was pretty quiet tonight.


We've been doing it since Seibold's taken over so it's something that he's implemented. I certainly don't get it and I've called it out before on how ineffective the execution is. Because he's not really making that much ground in those hitups and the play the ball is average speed.

If it was a strong hitup and a fast play the ball then that sets up the kick well then that'll make sense. I'd rather just have Tom as that 5th tackle option for attacking a bomb or fake kick and inside ball. That was what 2021 Tom was doing and we know how good that version of Tom was.


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He is only doing it for down field kicks no?

I see him used plenty of times to rush through for bombs.

For yardage/down field kicks the full back generally doesnt chase down field in the line so it makes sense to me.

As others have said seems a fairly standard tactic across the league atm

Brookie Bob

"I come back to you now at the turn of the tide"
He wasn't the only one, but boy, he looked gassed in the last 10 minutes of yesterday's game.


Obviously a tactic, he generally engages three defenders so shortens the defensive line for the next play which should give DCE and Brooks more options would be one reason, sure there's others.
That's my take on it anyway.

Eagle 1

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Tommy is such a weapon tho, usually scores at least one and sets up plenty of others. He instinctively knows where to position himself in attack and is used often in decoy plays. If he feels he needs to run at the line so be it, maybe he sees something we don't.
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