Tom T is he that good.

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Tom is great but still has a lot to learn. Especially about positional play and defensive work.

Maybe we were just blessed with Snake who was the best defensive fullback of his generation. Snake also had an aggression about him when defending the line he would put his body in the right place to hold up players or put them into touch. Would be great if Tom could learn how to do this.

Really wish Snake would give up his Sushi dreams and give the club some of his advise. He is very close with Matt Balin so maybe one day we could get the two of them back in done level.
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After watching yet another Dragons game (half time), it should be quite obvious to all that have eyes that Dufty has pace, has good positional awareness in both attack and defence, can catch, and seems like an all round great guy.

Unfortunately for Dufty, there is not a snowballs chance in hell of him being able to replicate what Tommy did to the Raiders last night.
Tommy is streets ahead, and quite frankly the comparisons are laughable.

Ponga, on the other hand.....
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What a thread. Particularly liked the comments saying that Matt Dufty was much better than Turbo. Everyone has an ordinary take now and then, but **** me not many have worse takes than some of these.
I'll give Dufty this, he's exciting to watch when he makes a break and sets sail to the tryline. But Tommy is the complete package, reads the game better than anyone, it's uncanny. Every time he touches the ball, you feel as though you have to stand up you just know somethings about to happen. At his most dangerous 1 of the ruck, nearly impossible to stop when doing a hit up 5m out. Also the big reason why Garrick and Saab got so many try's. Also a great saver of try's also, great positional player, great talker and positions players well and where to defend. I'm sure I've missed something out, so glad he's ours !!
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Captain hindsight and the multi quote of death was coming to town but in the end there were too many howlers to fit in. Love it.

Dutfy better than Tom.
Never be as good as Snake.
Poor defence
Reading his own press too much.
The gold goes on.
We are very very lucky
We can probably close this thread because yes, Tommy is that good. But man, I still wish he hadn't fumbled the ball over the line against the Bunnies. Could have completely changed the flow of that game.
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I wonder about that and how much he has done to help them. Also confidence in first grade must play a part
Definitely, but I still reckon having one of the best ever at training week in week out and then on game day must be having a huge influence.

Brett wasn’t only a good defender but he was the organisational mastermind behind our rock solid defence back in the day.

I’m sure like me you watched him orchestrating it all from the back and screaming at players to move into position .
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He is 21

I'll repeat that.......HE IS 21

The kid is an absolute monster who is 3-4 years away from being at his best.........Yes, believe the hype, I wouldn't swap Tom for any player in the competition

Slater was 20 when he debuted and 25 when he played his first test
Minnichello was 20 when he debuted and 23 when he played his first test
Minnichello was 18 when he debuted and 23 when he played his first test

I honestly don't know what people expect an immortal at 18?

Hahahaha this forum is so freakin bipolar

Tom will finish his career as one of Manly's best ever, he will play 20+ SOO's and 20+ tests

He is still at least 3 years from being the finished article, Billy Slater was 24/25 before he played for Australia

Seriously its like people can't see past the present, sure Tom has been steady to start the year but his career trajectory will not be defined by round 3 2018

As for whoever said Dufty is better, surely that is a trolling attempt, Dufty is a year older than Tom and has played 10 first grade games, Tom is a year younger and has represented his country

This wise hahaha
Snake's Alive!
Ive always stated this with my mates , as soon as Brett came over, its like im watching a bigger and stronger Brett Stewart. imagine if Stewart had turbos body..... shut the gates best full back of all time. however Turbo will only get better
Turbo's size and speed in the modern game makes him lethal but I'd still put Snake above him in terms of football smarts. If watch highlights of Snake, some of the stuff he did was just freakish, whereas Turbo's highlights are mostly him being physically superior (although he does know where to position himself to take an opportunity). Put it this way, Tom has more in common with Greg Inglis than Brett Stewart. Tom is Inglis with a better motor.

I just remember some of Stewart's passing through his legs to a player that's not in his line of vision or throwing that offload to Foran when he is hitting the ground from a DCE chip kick to Foran...or the little trick shot from dummy half to put Ballin over against Souths in the prelim in 2013. He just had this way of pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
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Tom is the best fullback in the game right now so that says it all. Comparisons are difficult its like comparing different types of fruit. Can you imagine Tom playing behind some of the line ups Snake played with? My favorite 3 Manly fullbacks are Wombat, Snake and Turbo. I don't see the sense in ranking them until Turbo finishes his career. We are lucky to have had all three of them.

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