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you saved monaghs, now look at the drama that has caused, we have the 20th best half back in the comp signed for another 2 years soaking up 240K you tried to save the duck, now a thousand dropped passes later he will dissapear into the english wilderness.

cant we let sleeping dogs lie, Let Hoppa finish his career with some dignity, lets not bring more bad publicty to the club, its almost guaranteed to happen and let him join the ranks of ex player!

now reports suggest petitions on manly web sites want hoppa back! thank god on this web site where the posters can use words greater than 5 letters thats not the case.

Take your red necks and placards, get back on your boat and sail to Paris , theyw ill love you over there. :bdh: :bdh:
it all comes back to the fact that supporters seem to have become accustomed to mediocrity and are quite willing to accept it.that is what years in the wilderness will do,has there ever been so much fuss over 2 ordinary players like monaghan and an aging hoppa in league history.souths get excited when they string two together these that where we want to be because that is what will happen when mediocrity is treated as royalty.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
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they would do well to purchase a clue from our july Special


UFO Hunter
Its almost as though the clubs values the opinions of an idiot.

Where can I get a Frontal Labotamy?


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Its almost as though the clubs values the opinions of an idiot.

Where can I get a Frontal Labotamy?

just next the beer shed on the hill at brooky on sunay arvos

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Sadly the internet has given power to absolute idiots. Before the net these seven people could have turned up for a protest, been ignored and only been a danger to themselves. Now with the net and forums they take themselves seriously, they have a vioice and it is dangerous.

What also worries me is who is listening to them.

Journos, Max Delmege etc This is dangerous territory when people start basing opinions on talkback radio or net surveys etc

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