To the Players ,,, SSSHHHHH!!!!!!


Guys Guys Guys!

its always awesome to read reports in the mdeia much like Gus Goulds etc etc talking up the eagles, its great getting the recognition we deserve, BUT and i may be on my own here, It worries me when i read columns like Dean Ritchies about how our guys are TELLING the media how good we are!

Lets keep things softly softly within the camp and sneak up on the gun teams via stealth, much like the panthers a few years back. Lets not warn them that we are coming and fire them up even more!

We have the Broncos /Dogs/Roosters all within the next month from memory! lets get through that undefeated then shout from the rooftops!

Beaver/Choc and Co, you have nothing to rpove to us, your supporters, lets leave everyone else taking us lightly! No point carrying on after beating the rabbits! Mr King, suggest you concentrate on your own game.
WELL WELL ! noted this thread didnt get much responce, mayby everyone along with our players where to busy reading the papers!

As i mentioned its great for the club to get this publicity from the press but i knew we where in trouble when our own players where quoted demanding respect and saying we should fill the rep teams to the hilt!

final straw for me was seeing graphics in todays papers seeing King and Harris in Rep jerseys! well we have voted hus far thes guys as our worst players of the season thus far!

while we can not control the press, lets not create more hype buy having our players tell everyone how good we are, leave that to the guys who are paid to do that.

Lets try and be humble, and not fire up opposition like brisbane after we have thrashed souths, big deal!

Suggest Des bans the players from talking to the press for the next month as we have a heap of tough games which will hape the rest of the season!
A few players will have more than egg on their faces. Not too many will get the gong for Reps - and that may not be a bad thing. More than five weeks is needed for a call up!
yep, whatmough will play city origen, BK is exempt, maybe kite.... the rest should be fresh for the tigers game, at brookie, on sunday, at 3 pm, in daylight!
Kite won't get picked after that game. He never really got over the advantage line all night and was hardly punishing in defence.

Watmough has to be there, no question
good, they can all see how they ****ed up and can wath the game on TV ! then hopefully fire up against the tigers

can i just say, i posted that original thread on tuesday! talk about Nostradamus!!! !dance: !dance: !dance:
I missed this on Tuesday and wrote something similar (though with a lot more crap attached).

You are right - hype and talk doesn't win games.
well i just hope the players spend some of this week reading todays papers! There not quite as flattering as last week for some strange reason!!!!!!
Mate I saw it coming......the media talks us up for a week and I just knew they were gunna get smashed (even though I still picked manly) There simply weren't good enough last night. I think this happened at a good time of the season. At least the team knows that there a joke against a side on fire.

Should shut them up. Watmough still played well though.

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