To the Boys Who Have Attended Games

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The pessemist in me says it is virtually over and we have little real hope of making the semis. I didn't expect much at the start of the year but the first 10 weeks lifted my hopes and so I am resultingly shattered.

I want to say to the guys who go to the games what fun it has been to stand on the hill with you, win or loss and shout out our lungs for the Mighty Sea Eagles. There have been some great moments and the first half of the season was a ripper. You are a great bunch of guys. The Penrith game was one of my two highlights of the season when the AE boys stirred the crowd to bring the boys home. The other memory was the day that Igor the Eagle took the Fortress Brookvale sign around the park.

Still gutted about the poor capitulation at the end of the season yet going to games with a bunch of great blokes has slightly lessened the pain.

Stupidly we will all back up next year to do it again. :drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :clap: :clap: :clap: :yeah: :yeah:


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THis was one of the best seasons I have in my memory, not because of the on field performances but because of the blokes that i have cheered with all season. Its now time for my voice to recover until next season.

However we will be having a few off season events to catch up


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It was good catching up with you chaps. Even though I spend most of the time taking Photos etc.

I must apologies for not catching up with all on the hill.
It was my first night game with the new lense, so I was keeping myself busy taking photos.


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I'll make an effort to get to the games more often next year. Too dissheatenning this year for me.

You never know, we will have a REAL 1/2 back, a REAL centre, have gotten rid of Randall / Harris / Donald - and more importantly, that cancer Michael Monaghan may have been offloaded to another team so he can demoralise THEM.


Winging it
I made 10 games this year which is my best effort since SL started. Going down and meeting you guys spurred me on and I have a lot of great memories. The early victories and the atmosphere back at the club afterwards was sensational. I can't believe those few close ones have made such a difference to our current situation. Frustrating finish but having strong Manly supporters together has made the whole season really worthwhile!


Kim Jong Dan
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I made every home game this year, and I am glad I went to all of them. I also made a trip to parra stadium and 2 trips to Aussie stadium to see us beat the roosters and lose to the rabbitohs


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8 home games, 3 away games, not bad considering i worked about 1/3 of the weekends and had to keep the brownie points up with Hopium.

I agree that it is good to have others to share the highs and lows with.

Next season we shall continue our imrpovement. SL all but killed the club, we are recoving from a cancer here, it wont happen overnight but it will happen.


Kim Jong Dan
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I think we got the record average home crowds this year!

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