Titans v Sea Eagles

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This is an interesting prospect with Kite and Lyon both backing up, should they get through without injury. Bailey will be in the same boat and the Titans have also lost Henderson for the season. It should test the depth of both squads.

If Lyon is out will Hicks play centre with a PL player on the wing? Who will cover Kite?

Manly will be expecting to win this one at home, though the Titans have proved they are no easybeats. Prince was very good on Friday and they through the ball around.

It is a danger game if you ask me, especially after the hype of the Dogs game.
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I reckon they will both back up unless injured.

They were good on friday night. Had a lot of structure you wouldn't expect from first year team. However the Broncos were dreadful. They will not make the eight this year.

It's a danger game only if we go in reserved. I think we will win comfortably.
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theres 4 men we will have to contain to win
Prince and preston

they create everything for the titans

this one will be tough

but manly will win.
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Don't forget they will be battling to back up after the hype of their big win over the Broncos, seriously I would be concerned if it was played up in Qld but at the Fortress we should be unbeatable in this.

I tip Kite will play off the bench.


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I can't believe CW is an English teacher and Fro wasn't here to pick up the scraps
Webster will also be backing up for the Titans/Kiwis.

Titans forwards are in all sorts of trouble. Henderson is no world beater, but he was a vital cog in their pack (especially in a game like this one, where Bailey has to back up).

Bailey will obviously be tired, but he is a machine and will still make 100m. Laffranchi the only other forward we need to worry about. Henderson had a good game on Friday night, they lose a lot by having to promote Kahler into the starting pack (which I assume is what they will do).

Prince is the biggest danger on the field. He has started this year in outstanding form, ball on a string type stuff - and he has plenty of flashy support from Preston, Rogers, Webster etc.

Manly should have no problems with the forwards clash, and should take this game fairly comfortably - unless Prince has a flawless performance.
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Luke Swain is also on report so he might get the week off as well
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I can't believe CW is an English teacher and Fro wasn't here to pick up the scraps

That is a picture of the high horse you are riding around today!!!! - throw!!!!!! :lol: :lol:

He who is without sin, throw the first stone!!!! (or should it be through?)
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