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Titans match: player ratings and honest analysis

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by lillchip, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. lillchip

    lillchip Active Member

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    1. Brett Stewart: Someone (Barrett or Brett himself) needs to come clean on what is going on here. Is it simply that Brett's lower back/hamstring is so bad (another non event 6 runs for 50 metres) he can only play in 2nd gear and is therefore only out there to lend experience? Or is there something more going on mentally? Enough is enough and the fans deserve better than watching one of the greatest Manly players in history look like a lame duck passenger week after week.
    2. Jorge Taufua: 16 runs for 145m looks like a great game. In reality he's looking more like a reserve grade winger every week. Surely any first grade winger has to be able to leap off the ground to catch high balls, which Jorge is seemingly incapable of doing, and making key tackles on the goal line. We need a Semi badly.
    3. Tom Trbojevic: Imagine how good he would be on two fit legs. Might as well get the surgery done now before it gets worse and be right for next season.
    11. Lewis Brown: Not a centre and should NEVER be picked there. Too small and hopelessly ineffective. A bench sub at best if required by injury. An excellent reserve grade player out of his depth in the top grade.
    4. Brayden Wilame: An excellent reserve grade player out of his depth in the top grade.
    19. Pita Godinet: An excellent reserve grade player out of his depth in the top grade.
    7. Apisai Koroisau: 6 runs. Why? Surely can offer way more even behind a badly beaten pack.
    8. Darcy Lussick: Much improved running hard at the line. 13 runs for 136 metres and 28 tackles in a 44 min stint.
    9. Matt Parcell: Star of the future needing time and a better pack. Hope the injury isn't bad.
    15. Josh Starling: An excellent reserve grade player out of his depth in the top grade.
    10. Marty Taupau: Felt like a curiously quiet game in his much needed return yet the stats say 15 runs for 153 metres and 26 tackles in 71 mins. Get him wider running off DCE please.
    12. Jamie Buhrer: Love him to death and never stops trying, but is there room for a back rower of his diminutive size? Nonetheless also excellent stats 17 runs for 136 metres and 36 tackles. Unfortunately the 4 missed tackles were costly but that's where you question the coach playing a guy of his size for 80 mins.
    13. Jake Trbojevic: If we had 5 Jake's up front we'd be in the top 4. Incredible stats 20 runs for 160 metres and 50 tackles, simply herculean. Plus the stress of captain. Surely Brett would be better placed at captain. Or is it his unanswered mental side doesn't allow it?

    5. Matthew Wright: Barrett needs to explain why a reserve grade winger was taking up a bench spot, and obviously only got 15 mins. Can Feliti Mateo be THAT bad he can't get a bench spot in an injury crisis this deep?
    14. Blake Leary: An excellent reserve grade player out of his depth in the top grade.
    17. Siosaia Vave: 14 runs for 128 metres? Tick. Fitness (gut)? Questionable. But hey a Fifita/Hindmarsh is not a problem.
    18. Liam Knight: 3 pens in 15 mins before getting hooked. An excellent reserve grade player out of his depth in the top grade (but in obv fairness needs way more time and will improve hugely)

    Missing: Lyon, DCE, Walker, Matai, Myles, Lawrence. That's 6 superstar players, ok 5 plus Nate. Any team is going to lose with that lot out.
    Liability: See "An excellent reserve grade player out of his depth in the top grade". At least 6 of them playing last night. Any team is going to lose with that lot in.
    Tragedy: Broken Brett. Something has to give.
    Coach: Jury is still out for mine. Attack: regardless of the massive injury toll there's an alarming lack of anything, 5 tackles and a mid field bomb doesn't cut it. Defence: Goal line fragility x 1000.
    Asst Coach: I'd love to be proven wrong, but Cartwright just smacks of a guy collecting the pay check at a club he couldn't give a hoot about.
    Fitness trainer: If this Ferris bloke is so good why do we look out of gas so often?
    Result: 3rd last and deservedly so.
    Bright side: Thanks to guys like Jake T and Jamie B we never give up and don't lose 46-0 like the Roosters. As long as we keep trying there's hope.
    What to do: Face facts, retire the oldies, make a call on Brett, recruit size in the forwards and a couple of Semi type tall wingers, and start working on 2017 now.
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    • mave

      mave Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Hard to disgree with any of that.
      Well said.
    • Ron E. Gibbs

      Ron E. Gibbs Well-Known Member

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      I'd agree with just about all of that. But I'm still worried that Parcell made a couple of crucial mistakes, dropping the ball early in the game to let the Titans off the hook and then knocking on at dummy half right at the start of the second half, after Jake had put in another of his excellent hit ups. Bad things happened after both errors, setting the tone for each half.
    • Little Grubber Kick

      Little Grubber Kick Well-Known Member

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      If "excellent" reserve grade players are out of their depth in the top grade, there would be no point to reserve grade, perhaps some of these are not even excellent reserve graders?
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      • maxta

        maxta Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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        Too much effort to give a full account, I think you put in more effort than the players with that opening post!!
        Only mentions from being there to suffer it live, were the T Bros - felt sorry for young Tom - playing busted & the ONLY dangerman....
        Parcell though some bad errors tried hard & showed glimpses & Lussick though not super, had a dig & was the ONLY forward with Jake who looked in the physical fight against a decent Titans pack.
        Live in Qld & see 1-2 games a year live these days & take my young boy to see THAT....felt more sorry for him as I was spoiled growing up in the 80's-90's, where Manly were always in a game overcoming injuries & negative press - in fact thriving on the outside hate - this team simply lies down - no spine as they say - 100% got that right.
      • Mark from Brisbane

        Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

        +19,621 /383
        You forget our much applauded , State of Origin , defence coach Seibold.

        I know he's limited in quality, depth and a lot injured BUT our defence has been non existent since round 1.

        Certainly far from the Manly of old.
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        • The Eagle Has Landed

          The Eagle Has Landed Well-Known Member

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          Jesus mate well done. I'll give you 10/10 for the effort you put in writing that post.
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          • ricardo

            ricardo Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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            I thought they all played well and had a strong effort.

            It's obvious they are poorly coached. Hard to watch so many player's careers being set back years with the coach playing them all out of position.

            Good post lil
          • EagleRock40

            EagleRock40 Well-Known Member

            +211 /4
            If I'm being honest, here goes -
            Snake - injured? no effort? whatever it is, the fact is he doesn't deserve to be in the team.
            Taufua - lacking confidence, but he's probably the best winger we have at the moment.
            Tommy - a gun! cold be a superstar in any position. When Walker and Matai return in the centres, he has to be the #1
            Brown - average again. He offers nothing.
            Williame - he's trying, but the bloke is cursed.
            Godinet - great pass to lay on a try, but is not consistent. Good reserve grader
            Api - has talent. Needs to be in the 17 every week probably on the bench.
            Lussick - much better game from him, needs to give that performance every week.
            Parcell - couple of errors but he looks our most dangerous in the forwards.
            Starling - thought his opening stint was pretty good.
            Buhrer - always gives 100%. Needs some support around him
            Taupau - solid 1st game back. This guy has potential. We just need a coach who can unlock it.
            Jake - awesome! Sign him and Tommy for life, they are the future.
            Wright - why have a winger on the bench? didn't get to do much at all.
            Vave - great impact again. Always bends the line.
            Leary - average. Cant afford to carry him, Buhrer and Brown in the same 17. Only room for 1, possibly 2 of them.
            Knight - silly penalties, but I think he struggled with the pace of NRL. Would like to see him kept in the 17 though as he is the future.
          • bazeagle

            bazeagle Well-Known Member

            +568 /107
            Strong summary and accurate.
            I want to see one thing addressed right now. Our defence. We look like a rabble with no structures in place at all. More worrying is the clear lack of understanding that the Manly spirit and culture is all about defence and never giving up. How can Barrett and Cartwright know anything about this? They're not Manly and that's a huge problem. They have to go. They both have zero idea.

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