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Tipping comp week 22 update. (2017)


stay tuned
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Oct 8, 2011
Welcome to the:
"Back on track" round.

Dedicated to:

Inspirational Captains speeches.

Hello everyone!
Well well well... It's Thursday already! How did this update take so long to do what with all of you messaging me about how it hasn't been done yet????

Ah wait, that's right...none of you did (you uncaring buggers!) Too busy celebrating...I guess.

A great come from behind win saw Manly gain another two valuable competition points and take another step towards finals football. Well done guys!

Did anyone tip a perfect round? - No!
Did anyone come close? - Yes!
Was that person @BOZO ? - Yes yes yes!

Bozo with a big 7 from 8 (and 8 points) out tipped us all. Well done @BOZO , or should I say......

The "There's a fraction too much friction " Leader Board:
Eagle1188: 128 - He lets us get close...then he takes it all away!
Pommie Eagle: 123 - Hanging in there. 3 point weeks never help. I know!
Tragic-Eagles: 123 - Launches into equal second. Not tragic at all.
ALinda: 122 - Our shining light in the sea of sausages. 7 point week!
Clint: 122 - Our shining sausage in the sea of light.
Manly To Win!: 122 - Preparing for his finals charge.
Wombat64: 122 - So happy. Look at that smiling face!
The Insomniac: 121 - Prefers pineapple to beetroot on burgers. Smart.
Andrew..: 119 - Nice 6 points. Moves off the bottom of this list for once, yay!
DVS Matt: 119 - A tree fell in the forest. DVS Matt heard it!

Well done everyone! We're getting close to the end now!

As always, the full leader board here:
"We are the Manly boys. We had a win today."

This week's random member mention!

The random number this week is...40!!!

And the lucky member it corresponds to is:


@Roger - 109 points!!
If I thought last weeks honourable winner was posting light with 600 posts then let me introduce you to this weeks random member with 357 posts.... Roger! This should also prove to some that these random members are truly random!

So there may be some assumptions to follow:
Roger's name is....Roger! (no silent p)
He is 52 (so his profile says)
He is a Yankees fan.
But he doesn't live in 'merica.

Back in 2013 he won a signed jersey just for being in the tipping comp! So in 2013 he randomly won a jersey...now in 2017 he randomly 'won' being this weeks random member mention. How amazingly lucky can one guy get?? Modesty prevents me from asking which prize he prefers.

In July of 2014, Roger posted:

Roger said:
I'm assuming you mean another Roger as I'm here everyday just don't post that often
Which are probably the truest words spoken on here!

All that said, Roger is a great supporter of the tipping comp, which in turn supports the running of this site and Dan's "Buy Dan a Lamborghini fund."
Hopefully we can all start new threads that Roger feels are worthy of posting in! Thanks for being in the comp Roger...and for being a Manly fan.
Congratulations on this prestigious award! Do not put it up for sale on Ebay.

Well Manly faithful, we head over to Tiger country this week. We are all saying that this could be a danger game so we know that Coach Trent will be saying the same to the men. I really hope for a thumping of the Tigers....just to improve our record there (and another 2 points would be helpful.)

Thanks again to everyone for reading.

Good health to you all.

Your friend,

Go Manly! :)

@lsz /@Isz/@isz/alizzard/@lizzle/ (@l to the izzle)/@elle...s...z
@l freezing over



The Incomparable Immortal Bob Fulton
2019 Tipping Competitor
Jul 26, 2010
Good write up GE . I hope we all get the Manly win over the Tigers right this week

Chip and Chase

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Nov 17, 2004
I'm tanking the last 3 rounds of the tipping comp in the hope of getting a first round draft pick next season


stay tuned
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Oct 8, 2011
Thanks for the random mention, think ive been around since close to the beginning of this site, just dont post a lot
Your profile says 2004! I just thought that may be a mistake. Anyway you've probably posted more substance than people with 14,000 odd posts *cough me cough*


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