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time will tell if its a **** fight

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by jbb/james, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. jbb/james

    jbb/james Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    No doubt we are all aware of the last 24 hours and its fair to say its a disappointing time to be a manly Fan. Disappointed that Manlys off field team has not even come close to reflecting the on field team. Now I not blaming just the board, or the CEO, or the coach as they have all played there hand but its fair to say some people have let the manly brand down in a big way

    The Zorba issue seems to be circulated as a catalyst and it does appear to have played a part if not a major piece of the puzzle. If it is to be true then I have to wonder what part he has played in the whole demise. He has been a loyal servant, well respected part of the manly club for a considerable time and his work of many decades should not go unnoticed, however it appears that many including his new boss believed there were better people to do the job. Its hard to disagree. It has also been reported that there may have been some duties for zorba to continue with at manly in a more football side of things but how true that is only those involved would know

    Initially he took it hard which is completely understandable and within days had penned some of his best work in the Manly daily describing his dedication to the club, his memories and his undying loyalty to the place he called home. Whether or not Zorb did a good job as media man or not is hard to say but there is no denying he was a top bloke, an old fashioned man, who was good with people and bled maroon

    Now weeks later Des has spilt the beans as he is entitled to do. He found it difficult to work with certain parts of management but its worth considering the only stumbling blocks for Des were his contract , and his working relationship with certain parts of the hierarchy over the Zorba incident. Thinking logically about this leads me( my own opinion) to believe while zorb is on record accepting graciously his lot in life, in reality he has done anything but. If zorb really had manlys future at heart he would easily have been able to get all involved in the one room and broker a peace deal based on his acceptance of his redundancy. Obviously this has failed to transpire

    As its reported manlys contract was richer its hard to find any reason there

    You don't have to be Ironstein to realize Des can hold a grudge, its out there if you care to look for it and its obvious he does harbor resentment for a few people both within in outside his current employment. And maybe Des needs a new start..........maybe.I cant help but feel a better outcome may have been possible, but what do i know really. I believe Des should see out his current contract and some type of resolution can be found, maybe not as to him continuing his role at the sea eagles but for all involved to find some peace, and for the fans and Des to turn these happenings into sadness rather than bitterness.And for his squad, the people he obviously cares so much for. It would be a wretched ending for the team and the soul of the club for this unfortunate end to turn nasty and bitter and Des was shown the door

    So hopefully for Des, he can finish his contract at manly, a new coach can be eased in and Des can leave proud of his achievements, head held high, rather than slinking out the back door with an A4 box and his Rolodex

    Then is bulldog bound Dessie and the real test for the sea eagle legend. It then becomes Dessies choice on whether he holds resentment for certain men or women or whether he brings the Manly club to bear.Its well known many of manlys current stars have get out clauses and while that is the case and they are free to fly the coup it is dessies decision on whether he encourages them, or even signs them as a head coach.He can encourage his Manly stars to join him at the dogs and satisfy his future obligations as a coach or he can simply not sign them to satisfy his obligations as a man

    He can have us feeling disappointed or he can rip the soul out of the joint. Only time will tell
  2. Berkeley_Eagle

    Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

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    RE: time will tell if its a s**t fight

    Hopefully when he had the players locked in that room he encouraged them to stay were they were and to continue the legacy he has created at the Sea Eagles

    I feel sorry for the admin staff who are going to cop the brunt of the anger that will surface in the coming days & Larissa who has done an amazing job with memberships which suddenly will be extremely difficult
  3. zambuck

    zambuck Active Member

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    RE: time will tell if its a s**t fight

    if these players have get out clauses in their contracts let them go now
    then let the salary cap boys into the dogs books to see where they are getting all this money. I bet these players will not take a pay cut to move on and if they do so what we have rebuilt teams before this and these players should remember that until manly graded them they were nobodies and we nurtured them into what they are now, and that their EGO,S can be quickly deflated when they leave their comfort zone, and new team mates serve them hospital passes and expect them to win games for the amount of money they are getting in comparison,
    loyalty is no longer in vogue only $$$$$$$ no longer will players stay at one club as beaver. These players should also remember that players with more ability than they, have moved on before and not many have survived away from this club, this club was built on being a champion team not a team of champions a champion team plays for each other a team of champions are individuals and play for themselves, manly is a champion team so i say to these players go if you must but be prepared to accept failure.

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