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Journey Man
I woke this morning with a sense of anticipation about a game involving Manly that I haven't felt in 9 years.

In fact, truth be told, I woke several times through the night with thoughts of this game.

It is a wonderful thing to finally be able to emotionally invest in our team again with a reasonable expectation that our hopes won't be dashed.

It is impossible to understate the importance of tonight's game. WE HAVE NO EXCUSES. We are at full strength and our opponents have had a disrupted preparation. We are almost indentically placed in this competition. They have the world's best back and we have the world's best forward.

A win and we go to 3rd and a loss could see us as low as 8th.

The equation is simple - if we are a serious contender to this year's crown, we simply have to wion tonight to state our claim.

MANLY *clap* *clap* *calp* !pray: !pray:
Totally agree Mata. As they say, "Tonight's the night". No more excuses. No pont showing up first round of the semis and trying to put it all together then. It's now or never. We have to get some momentum going right now, just as the Tigers did last year. I feel confident if we have the full team out.
Yes I agree, I am nervous already. I would be happier if our injured players had a game under their belts. I just hope Des has used the bye week to prepare soldiy for the game and we come out firing. I don't want to see us chasing down to 12 or 18 point head start.
Wheelster - the injuries haven't been to legs / knees etc, and I think that works in our favour.

If we are 3rd outright after the weekend - people will say we are contenders for sure.
damn I wish I hadn't arranged dinner at my sisters house for tonight.

I am going to have to dig out the VCR from the cupboard and record it..... I require SMS and phone silence on this one!
What could be crucial for us tonight is for Rose to get on early and run a few times directly at Johns to try and trample him like he did to Toni Carroll.

King also needs to really stand up tonight and earn his money for a change. With Smith and Davico out he needs to really dominiate the knights props.

Also loking forward to Lulu and Perry meeting each other again.
If win Dan I will bombard you with Yeaha! message - no I wont.

Ryan - Bell's wasn't a leg injury but he came back slowly against the eels
Yep, butterflies everywhere. Des needs to get the start right. No stuffing around. Orford to kick long, chasers keen. No more of the late hurried kicks and being hounded. Matai to really get his defensive best working as the Knights love to rush down his side. He was poor against the Eels so he must improve his game markedly. And Stewart needs to rekindle his 'loitering' around Kennedy for those sublime offloads we used to see. I'm confident we can do these things and all the other little things we need to win.. Eagles by 12.
I havent been this excited about a game since the '97 grand final
I wish you hadn't said that. Can't wait for the game. The temptation will be to check the scores on the net before and during the TV Replay!!!
I have had it all week, 1st thought of the morning was Manly tonight, 1st thing i heard on the radio was Matty Johns saying dont be surprised if Manly win, went into passport office after work, as i left Eagle Rock was playing. It is an omen. We win tonight
Orford is the Key here ,last time we played them Johns Got up on him quickly , Ox needs the game of his life , and Beaver has to Hit Johns like he hit jason smith last year I think this Game will be all about who really wants it more !pray: !pray: !pray: !pray:
I have a feeling we are going to come through this one pretty strongly
I'm absolutely pumped for it. After seeing Stevie's avatar, I'm heading off to nrl.com to watch the Tiger's game as an entree. Bring it on!
Actually my friend...there most of the last 5 years in the comp...ot there abouts. I told you...last year The Bears played the Bulldogs in a HOME semi. Something that as a Manly fan, I haven't enjoyed.
I haven't been this excited since the last local derby between norths and manly.

Hopefully Matty Johns took joey out for a long lunch today. Preferably at the diggers club bistro.
If that isnt the try of the yer I dont know what is.....that was awesome I wish I had been there instead of wasting my time with a shrew

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