Time to be harsh......... but fair!


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Manly need to recruit DEPTH, especially in the front row. Furthermore, a centre that can break the line, some back-up on the wings, and a genuine halfback. The bold players, are the ones Manly should be looking to sign.

Darren Mapp, Tame Tupou, Michael Ryan, Tonie Carroll, Stuart Kelly, Darren Smith, Jamie Simpson, David Stagg, Derrick Watkins, John Te Reo, Tom Learoyd - Lahrs, Corey Parker, Shaun Berrigan, Shane Webcke, Tim Rangihuna, Sam Thaiday, Aaron Barba, Neville Costigan

Steve Franciscus, Jason Smith, Matt Adamson, Ryan O\'Hara, Tyran Smith, Terry Campese

Brett Oliver, Tony Grimaldi, Stan Tuitavake, Adam Brideson, Beau Robinson, Cameron Phelps, Corey Hughes, Jamaal Lolesi, Trevor Thurling, Willie Mason, Robert Relf, Braith Anasta, Nathan Miles, Jarrod Hickey

David Peachey, Paul Mellor, Nathan Merritt, Ryan McGoldrick, Russell Aitken, Keith Galloway, Reece Williams

Mailangi Styles, Mitch Creary, Nathan Hollingsworth, Kylie Leuluai, Phil Morwood, Chad Randall, Daniel Heckenberg, Jye Mullane, Shayne Dunley, Terry Hill

Nathan Friend, Steven Bell, Peter Robinson, Jamie McDonald, Matt Orford, Robbie Kearns, Antonio Kaufusi, Glen Turner, Matt Geyer

Evarn Tuimavae, Awen Guttenbeil, Monty Betham

Josh Perry, Daniel Abraham, Andrew Price, Mark Hughes, Todd Lowrie, Riley Brown, Todd Maddison, Craig Smith, Blake Mueller, Luke Quigley, Joshua Smith, Matt White, Matthew Bartlett, Mark Buddy Jacques, Anthony Quinn, Craig Hall, Reegan Tanner, Steve Witt, Leigh Abel, Michael Fortier, Aaron Hartmann, Jesse Royal, Trent Salkeld, David Seage, Kade Snowden, Michael Young

Brenton Bowen, Jacob Lillyman, Drew Campbell, Jaiman Lowe, Neil Sweeney, Rod Jensen, Daniel Strickland, Cam Wilkinson, Michael Fairweather, Shane Muspratt, Jason Barsley, Clint Amos, David Faiumu, David Myles, Dean Payne, Mark Dalle Cort, Micheal Luck, Mitchell Sargent, Chris Sheppard

Jack Afamasaga, Eric Grothe, Luke O\'Dwyer, Dean Widders, Adam Peek, Fui Fui Moi Moi, Chris Muckert, Daniel Wagon, Matt Petersen, Matthew Nicholas, Michael Vella, John Morris

Frank Puletua, Nathan Gilchrist, Michael Burke, Ryan Rolfe, Garret Crossman, Matthew Pow, Shenelle Haumono, Paul Franze, David McLean, Trent Clayton, Brett Howland, Ben Pomeroy, Ben Rogers

Daniel Holdsworth, Aaron Wheatley, Aaron Gorrell, Clint Greenshields, Michael Henderson, Byran Norrie, Wes Naiqama, Luke Roberts, Wade Humphreys, Ryan Powell, Luke Dalziel-Don, Brett Kelly, Shannon Stitt, Luke Bailey, Keiran Kerr, Corey Payne, Edwin Asotasi, Nick Youngquest, Luke Mercer

Scott Logan, Peter Taylor, Peter Ellis, Dale Newton, Chris Enahoro, Matt Riddle, Brad Watts, Garth Wood, Shane Walker, Lydan Mautia, Adham Elzbaidieh, Chad Isles, Lee Hookey, Brian Seimsen, Mark Whitley, Ashley Harrison, Todd Pologise, Glenn Hall, Luke Stuart, Aaron Firman, David Fa'alogo, John Manu, Luke MacDougall, Nathan Marles, Troy Boston, Scott Geddes, Willie Peters, Joe Falemaka, Ben Walker

Gavin Lester, Ned Catic, David Shillington, Troy Malcom, Casey Conway, Grant Rovelli, Nigel Plum, Kererua Savage, Reece Bailey, Jason Cayless, Chris Flannery, Adam Schubert, Aidan Kirk, Ben Hannant, Chris Walker, George Rose, Grant Millington, Heath L\'Estrange, James Aubusson, James Shillington, Anthony Watts, McConkie Tauasa, Michael Burns, Sam Perrett, Steve Meredith, Stuart Webb, Adam Knezevic, Baden Hall, Brad Baldry, Daniel Jarvis, Danny Williams, Hemani Moala, Jack Reis, Luke Fahy, Luke Gordon, Matthew Hall, Mitchell Mahon, Richard Russell, Sam Maniet, Saxon Holland, Scott Porter, Shane Shackleton, Stanley Waqa, Tom Hillard, Troy Savage, Wayne Bond, Iosia Soiola

Matt Jobson, Joel Caine, Jeff Lima, Robert Miles, Chris Heighnington, Luke Branighan, Bronson Harrison, Bryce Gibbs, Matt Rieck, Todd Payten, Daniel Fitzhenry, Dean Byrne, Pat Richards, Dene Halatau, Shane Elford, Mark O\'Neill, Ben Galea

My view:

Matt Orford

One of........... Peek, Hannant, Moi Moi and Lowe, Tuimavarve, Thaiday.

One of........... Cayless and Myles.

Both Leuluai and Heckenburg.

One of.......... Soiola, Bell, Berrigan

One of.......... Naiqama, B Bowen, Boston, L Macdougall

That is an additon of a winger/ centre (blue chip), winger/centre (NRL quality), halfback (blue chip), Front rower (NRL quality) and Front rower (blue chip)

Might be optimistic, but bare in mind the releasing of some players, and of course if we were to snare a blue chip centre, then the blue chip prop wouldn't come and vice versa.


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We definitely need to keep Dunley imo.

You probably mean tough but fair, considering harsh and fair are antonyms.


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Doesn't really matter what I mean, fact is Manly won't threaten the premiership unless this depth issue is addressed, as well as certain weaknesses our top team possess.
Excellent post Blunty - I agree with your summary down the bottom. Good to see you've discussed the winger situation too, coz I think we need another one to put pressure on Donald and Hicks for a spot. Of course a line-breaking centre is imperative. Halfback and prop situation is interesting - depends on what we want to do with Monas, and whether we sign guys like Hecks and Kylie.


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Like the list.

Keeping in mind the salary cap probably will not allow us to get all the players that you have stated.

Id add flannery from the rorters to the list


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great list.....your right on top of them. Well done..........I agree with most of your selections

Can Mark Hughes still play well?


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I'd Go

Matt Orford
Shaun Berrigan

and 3-4 of the following (ideally Phelps/Boston, Royal, Snowden and Gibbs)

Cameron Phelps
Tame Tupou
Nathan Merritt
Troy Boston
Jesse Royal
Kane Snowden
Jacob Lilyman
Scott Geddes
Bryce Gibbs
Ben Hannett

Chip and Chase

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Bryce Gibbs and Kane Cleal at the same club. I'd like to see that.


lolesi and phelps, one hard head and one quality rookie centre, both worthe chasing plus ad a bit of front row depth,


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I'd love to get Snowden just to piss off Knights fans.

They're claiming him to be the messiah of all forwards.

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