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Time this jewel of game was honoured

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Canteen Worker, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Canteen Worker

    Canteen Worker Well-Known Member

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    0 Jan 09 @ 02:21pm by PETER PETERS Manly Daily

    RUGBY League should build a monument out in the far west of NSW and simply mark it Rambo after the former Sea Eagles kamikaze forward Ronnie Gibbs.

    Gibbs goes where no man wants to. Each year he travels up to 60,000 kilometres around Broken Hill, Wilcania, Bourke, Lightning Ridge and Walget spreading the word on rugby league, conducting coaching clinics, refereeing games and organising teams.

    From time to time Gibbs calls into Sea Eagles headquarters at the NSW Sports Academy at Narrabeen and collects used boots, jerseys and shorts to take to the indegenious kids who play on grounds bone-dried by the scorching sun and as hard as our highways.

    Each year I look for Gibbs’ name in the New Years Honours list.

    I reckon he has done more for Aboriginal kids than any person I know.

    For a start he has lived their dream.

    He came to Sydney from the bush as a starry-eyed youngster from a small country town who wanted to test his strength and skill against the best.

    He has returned and given more than he took from a game which gave him a premiership, glory, good money and a reputation as a tough but fair man who had simply no fear.

    Gibbs wears a variety of club colours at work for NSW Sport and Recreation and the Country Rugby League when he is on his coaching trips many hours away from his family home in Dubbo.

    But everyone knows “Rambo” Gibbs has maroon and white blood.

    “I played at Easts, Wests, Manly and on the Gold Coast but Manly was the club I felt most at home at,” Gibbs said.

    “It was where I was most welcome and played my best football in 1987 when I was part of a great side.

    “The support for the Sea Eagles out west is unbelieveable.

    “They are a very popular side with the youngsters who just love the likes of Brett Stewart, Jamie Lyon, David Williams and Anthony Watmough.

    “As an old Sea Eagle I’m proud of the style of play they produce.”

    His 1987 premiership teammate Noel Cleal considers Gibbs a jewel for the game.

    “The work he does, the kilometres he travels and the enthusiasm in which he does his work is uplifting,” Cleal said.

    “He was the same when he first left Bourke as a young fullback and joined the Roosters - without him the game could be dead west of Dubbo.”

    Each year the NRL call for nominations for the Ken Stephen Medal for services to the game.

    They should forget about calling for nominations in 2009 and just give it to the still fit-as-a-fiddle indigenous man with freckles galore they call Rambo.

    SOME wet-behind-the-ears sporting journalists are embarrasing themselves with their work on sporting websites.

    Fox Sports is normally one of the better sporting sites but under a section of “Five Players To Watch in 2009” the number two “player” was new Dragons coach Wayne Bennett.

    Now Bennett was more than a handy winger in his playing days but they have been over for several decades.

    Bennett’s arrival at the Dragons has long-suffering supporters talking of a premiership in 2009.

    They should be a big improver but a premiership may still be a little beyond them.
  2. DSM5

    DSM5 Well-Known Member

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    Ron Gibbs was such a terrific player.  I saw him play many games but one of the best was at Redfern oval when he just smashed through Souths for us to win.  He was certainly as fearless as the few Manly fans who turned up that day.  Redfern was not the place to fly the flag in those days.   
  3. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

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    I bump into Rambo occasionally (which is not a good idea if you take it literally) and he's often in Manly gear.  Looks like he could still play and break most of the current Gen Y weeners in half too. 
  4. Canteen Worker

    Canteen Worker Well-Known Member

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    He was one tough hombre. I was devastated when he left to play for the Giants. I think he later regretted leaving. We didn't quite have the mongrel in 88 without him.
  5. ManlyBacker

    ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

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    Too true.
  6. eagle_predator

    eagle_predator Active Member

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    Amen to all above. He is and always will be a Manly legend for mine. Ill never forget how Bozo wanted him to come off the field during the 87 GF he could hardly stand up not sure what half that was the 2nd i think ? and he didn't want to come off he did end up coming off in the end Gibbs is one tough player that's for sure man.

    PONTIAN SEA EAGLE Well-Known Member

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    I was their when ron gibbs scored that try from his own bomb against souths at redfern absolutely brilliant.
  8. Ian Martin tragic

    Ian Martin tragic Well-Known Member

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    Yeah I was there at that game; he pretty much beat souths by himself, and they rated their chances of causing an upset. The gold coast move turned out a mistake but you can't tell these things in advance I guess. Definitely a 'no regard for the body' player but he had alot of athleticism and ability as well. You'd have to be watching out of the corner of your eye if you were playing against him.....

    ps. my dad (now in late 80s) tells a funny story about going to redfern to see manly play one day. Walking through the parkland in front of the oval he had to pass some tough looking locals having a few beers. they looked him up and down and said 'who are you goin for mate?'....... 'Go the rabbitohs' came the discrete if not too valourous reply.

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