Time for all this madness to end

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Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
I guess we have all seen over the last six months and most notably the last week all this bitchness and fighting going on between manly fans and yes im the first to admit ive been in the thick of it with my personal war of words with Guy aka ceagle.

I have emailed ceagle offering the peace pipe so to speak and if he is allowed back on ME which i sincerely hope is the case i can promise there will never be a repeat of the bullsh@t between him and me that has been on here over the last month or so.

Today for the first time ever i have to admit i feel abit ashamed to be a manly fan and that is very very sad. Espeically at a time when we all have so much to be happy about and so much to look forward to with the club doing so well on and off the field.

They way some of us are going on with our little factions and vendettas you would think our club was 0 and 4 not 3 and 0.

Ive had the pleasure to meet many manly supporters off here and to be honest i'd have to say theres noneone who I wouldnt consider as being anything but quality person and Im talking about everyone ive met. We may have our own different way of showing our support but there isnt anyone whether it be from the Rockers or AE who would doubt for one second loves our club.

Thats why it makes it so sad to see people who i rate as friends going at each on a internet forum and before anyone accuses me of the pot calling the kettle black i will put my hand up and say im just as bad if not one of the worst.

Supporting our club isnt a competition it doesnt matter of you go to 24 games a year or watch 24 games a year from the lounge room the passion for our club is the same and its something we all share and i think many of us myself included have lost sight of.

The way many of us are acting now is now different to the way the bears fans treated us back in the dark days of the JV and im ashamed to say i have contributed to the Mightyeagles forum resembling something like that old NEagles forum which was a disgrace. Its time for us all to move on and focus on what we all have in common and thats our love for this resilent club and to be a bit more tolerant of our fellow manly fans and not be looking for the cheap laugh or reaction from another poster as i myself have been guilty of.

Lastly to prove how serious i am about it and wanting to see this all this rubbish end from now Im no Longer a member of the Rockers nor would i consider being part of the AE crew from now Im just a manly supporter whos going to get on here and beat my cheast when we win, whinge and moan about the ref if we lose and hang out with my mates (and there are people in the Rockers and AE who i consider mates) and watch the greatest rugby league team there has ever been.

Cameron, That’s a very good message and I support you're view whole heartedly. As you know I have been in the receiving end of some barbs even from yourself but a couple of e-mails sorted things out between us. You're a good chap as are nearly every Manly supporter I have met who associates over all websites.

Of cause my issue for a while has been the occasional attempt to unfairly degrade this site which is obviously put together by very passionate supporters.

But I have never held a grudge with any of the detractors. That's not my style.

So I’m with you champ I would like all supporters to prosper.

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I was wondering the same thing myself.
yup having major connection issues. I am not too happy about it.

Noticed the entire site has slowed down. I am going to have to prune posts our database is HHHHHUUUUUUGGGGEEEE at the moment
Oh well everything will sort its self out soon
LMAO - i got banned from ME somehow in all this - or is it everyone since the forums are locked.
byso i think i am banned, cant log in - i said that all poeple involved should be banned not just one side - didnt go down well with one administrator i guess.

Doesnt worry me, not like im missing anything - nobody can post
For once I can't be blamed as I was off air.

Good sentiments Cliffy. You're not going to the ANZAC Test are you?
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