Tigers defense


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How good is tigers defense they ae everywhere it looks like there are about 20 of them on the field

my god!


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Yeh i agree they are holding down way too much except that defence off their line for about five minutes was excellent


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I agree about holding down but the Tigers goal-line defense is phenomenal. It reminds me of our defense against the Storm in round 3, that was back when we played with desperation.


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We'd have buckley's of beating this mob.

See how Prince is revving his team up? A long way from the usual Monaghan mouthinf "****" and looking away from his team and staring at the ground.
They are coming off their line really quickly to cut plays off. Here's hoping a few of our boys are taking notes on this tonight. :dance:
If saints and broncos won, and somehow we pulled off a win, wouldnt we be playing the Cowboys next week?

But of course, we are just taking it one game at a time.......oh yeah, and full credit to the opposition. :)


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When the game started I had to agree with Mata's comment a few weeks ago about the Tiger's forwards not being big enough. The Cowboys looked in control monstering them. But they cruelled their opportunities. Tigers were very, very impressive. In the end the Cowboys showed a complete lack of organisation in attack when it counted. It also showed that a will to win, desperation and passion mean a hell of a lot. We have Stewart with the speed to split the opposition but having watched that game my confidence for Sunday is disappearing.


Tigers got lucky i thought.. Cowboys were REALLY REALLY off.

At 14-6 at half time they came out looking like theyve already lost. Committment and pride was not there. The defence was very sloppy and they gave up too easily.

Credit to the Tigers for carving them up though. Their a great side but by no means unbeatable. They have defensive weaknesses and Cowboys failed to expose their defence.

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