Threat to NSW Parliament


Winging it
It has been in the news about the Brogden ex-staffer who threatened Bob Carr's life and with damaging the NSW Parliament. I can't find the quote on the web but saw it on tv and Bob Carr reported to the Parliament by saying something like "I want to put at ease everyone in the House that we have taken all possible precautions. We have had the best security force in the country and utilised the NSW Police and have undertaken a thorough search of the building. Despite all of our best efforts in the House and including extensive searches externally I have to advise that no Liberal Party policies have been found!"

Not bad. :) :blah: :blah:
Carr may be smart but he is a wanker. Don't get me started on what he has done to this state- but if you look no further past the fact that he is deceiving the public parading his fake wife around (when it should be his boyfriend) then maybe you might get a perspective on what sort of man Bob Carr is.
btw I have no problem whatsoever about Bob Carr being that way inclined but why not be a bit more honest about it eg. Bob Brown
if he is that way inclined the conservatives would be up in arms and demand he be deregistered or something i imagine
Not the First Time Ive heard that about Carr , I was informed By someone High up that he and The Owner of Neverland have a lot in Common
Carr a smart man surely not.......and not honest about his way I don't believe it.
Meoow!! I really Gotta start having a dig at Mr Sheen again or people are Gonna Accuse me of Being a Liberal Stooge like Byso hehe
I don't blame Carr for hiding it. If he is tilted in that direction, he is Bi. But if that sort of stuff comes out in politics... well, the death knoll tolls for him. Much like Kirby had to hide ... and so will I.
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