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You guys inspired me with your comments on all putting money back to the club, I think you guys where talking about $100.

Could you guys go to the following website and click through to the Sea eagles supporters area and make a comment on the offer. Importantly I would like feedback as to whether the offer would inspire you to call should you need this type of product. I am arguing with my financial advisor (wife) about it.

Thanks guys...


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Why? This is a genuine question, I would have thought you guys would tell me if its a good enough offer or not. I'm just after feedback to see if I need to change any of the details.


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seems like a good idea to me, if the loan fits that is.

Its like when Pepsi were sponsoring the club - most would only drink pepsi just for that reason.


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Sorry mellonhead if I upset you. I think it is spam because you are asking Manly supporters to go to a site which is a business that provides loans to people, and btw you can get a few goodies thrown in which would obviously be of interest to us. I don't doubt your belief that it was a genuine question but your lead in sentence is at best misleading and imo it is a sneaky way to get us to look at your product. As for feedback, i just about never go for products based on freebies, especially when they involve large amounts of money.


I have had a look at the site and would recommend caution for the following reasons:

* nowhere on the site does it actually tell you who Creative Lending Solutions (CLS) are and who owns them

* there are no interest rates listed for their products

* their fees are very high compared to the market

* they don't say where they get their money from

Thye sound just like one of the hundreds of mortgage managers around simply source their funds from someone like Interstar and put their name on their loans.

I doubt that they would be able to match or beat the big banks in regard to interest rates and fees.


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I don't like it because it's stealing business that could potentially be mine !! Hehehehehe....


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Good onya Ryan

Thanks for the feedback guys, all great feedback, getting an intelligent sample back is great, so I can fill in the gaps. Thank god I can answer the queries, or else I would have a problem. To Manly Backer, I agree the thread could have been misleading, so I am sorry, but the respses following have answered my questions, and Yes although we are a business, we wanted to offer a competitive product, at


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and provide something for Sea Eagle supporters, we only make great commissions on people who support Parramatta....they deserve to pay more!

Once again thanks for the feeback.

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