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Thoughts from This Weekend so Far.


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Jul 16, 2004
It's amazing how teams with very little blue chip troops can fair when the have a very classy 1/2 back. Look at Newcastle tonight. Yes, they have a few decent names in the team like Abraham, Buderus & Simpson, but the rest are mostly mid range players in skill & ability. What they showed though, is that theyt were fighting for each other.

It almost made me salivate to think we will have a classy, skillfull 1/2 back next year, that has vision, strength & structure.

I also thought Brett Firman stood up tonight, and his little combination with Thurston will be ruthless, and quite frankly, very scary for us next week!!!

The games so far have assited us in remaining equal third. That's a positive. It's good to see BIG teams like Parra / Brisbane & co. can have mini slumps like us too.

I hope Blocker, as the forwards coach, lifts the guys for this next weekend, or we will be completely annialated upo the middle with Bowen, Bowen, Sing, Thurston, Firman, Williams, Hannay etc, all with exceptional skill and evasiveness.

That said, the only way we will beat Nth QLD is through defence. If we leak our 30-36 points we have let in on average in the past 6 games, we will be beaten before 1/2 time.

Anyways fellas - Hope your having a good weekend.

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