Thoughts for 2007


Here's how I think a few things might pan out this year- just wondering what everyone else thought ...

Ladder position: 2nd- yes I’m being optimistic but I’ve thought about it and there is no way I will write the Eagles off based on the fact that there is a question mark over the forwards.
I also don’t think the loss of Kennedy will have as huge an affect as most tend to think. No doubt he was a champion player and did wonders for the club BUT it’s not the end of the world and hopefully a few players can now step up to the plate given the opportunity.
While we can all put the doom and gloom angle on it, I’d like to think it would be a good opportunity for the likes of Rose, Afamasaga, Watmough, Ballin and company to really shine this year.
Anyone who expected Manly to find a ready made replacement for Kennedy overnight was living in fantasy land (although Luke O’Donnell would be handy next year).
I really hope we can bring in a player who will prove himself (like Choc in 2005) instead having to buy some other clubs ready made player (hence having to spend a lot more $$$).
All up I am confident we will perform a lot more consistently this year and while I think our back line will sparkle, it will be the forwards that will hopefully shock a few people. What better motivation is there than people knocking you before a game has even been played.

Best back 2007: Orford: while Jamie Lyon is obviously the star import and big things are expected of him, that responsibility rested on the shoulders of Orford last year and with a bit of the pressure off I expect him to shine.
His form for us, while not bad, has been indifferent at times but I fully expect him to produce the form he was in at Melbourne before he left them.
With Lyon now in the equation the pressure on Orford to try spark something in attack will be lessened and hopefully this should improve his all round game and ability to guide the team around the park.

Best forward 2007: mmmmm….I’d love to say Afamasaga, but I’m going to go with Ballin to crack first grade full time and be praised up by commentators as a “ready made replacement for Danny Buderus in the Aussie team.” (here’s hoping anyway)

Average crowd at Brookvale:

Minor Premiers: Dragons (Barrett leaving will be a blessing in disguise for them)

Wooden spoon: Tigers (Marshall injured again early and the Tigers lose ten on the trot)

Success story of the year:
Monday night football a success giving thousands of married men an excuse to go to the pub for that extra night, or inturn get Foxtel put on at home- it’s a win, win situation. Close second the two Friday night games….twice the reason to look forward to Friday nights.

Story of the year: Souths tell Russell Crowe to stay away from training after attempting to tell the players what lines to run- Russell gets the ****s and throws a phone at Holmes a Court and the press run with it- Rusty pulls out of Souths and decides to go back where he came from, getting behind NZ cricket.
Haha very astute piece. I think 2nd's maybe a bit optimistic, but I am looking at Top 4. As for Dragons to finish 1st - I don't think so - it's a bit of a transition year for them, but they will go close. I still like Melbourne/Brisbane for that position perhaps - both have very strong squads.

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Good read PJ, I have put it up as a news item, hope that is OK


Yeah I know second is optimistic but I think we have the team to do it- actually 10 teams could probably do it in my books- it's getting harder and harder to pick.
The Dragons are my smokies- but I do think they have the team to do it. Poore (IMO) is one of the best props in the game at the moment and will more than cover the loss of Bailey.
I never rated Barrett and think alot more highly of the likes likes of Gasnier, Hornby and Head to break a game open. Throw in Matt Cooper, Wes "I wasn't driving" Naiqama, Ben Creagh (I rate him highly) and Dean Young and you have a pretty solid team who should know each others games inside out. Ryles needs to step up- I rated him in a few years back but of late his form has been ordinary. Only problem I can see with the Dragons is Simon Woolford-useless and a toss pot to boot!


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Nice write-up PJ.

I'll dust off my crystal ball and see -

Ladder position: 5th. But to be optimistic anything can happen if you make the 8.
Best Back: Interesting with the depth we have but I think it will be a toss up between Snake and Bell. One of these two will be our top try scorer and don't be surprised to see Bell blow us all away.
Best Forward: Kite followed by Rose
Minor Premiers: Broncos. Dragons to finish 6th
Wooden Spoon: Tiges are in the mix , but my heart and mind is going to go with the Eels finishing way way down.
Hot tip: Roosters, Panthers, Eels to miss the 8.


*pulls out the nutzcraw crystal ball and starts stroking it* :|


Ladder position: 3rd.

Best Back: Brett "the snake" Stewart (legend)

Best Forward: Choc Watmough

Minor Premiers: Bullfrogs

Wooden Spoon: Sharkies are a shoe in.

Hot tip: Canberra to go to second week of finals, Manly to win the comp.

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