Those having issues with the site freezing temporarily

  • We had an issue with background services between march 10th and 15th or there about. This meant the payment services were not linking to automatic upgrades. If you paid for premium membership and are still seeing ads please let me know and the email you used against PayPal and I cam manually verify and upgrade your account.
  • We have been getting regular requests for users who have been locked out of their accounts because they have changed email adresses over the lifetime of their accounts. Please make sure the email address under your account is your current and correct email address in order to avoid this in the future. You can set your email address at
  • Wwe are currently experience some server issues which I am working through and hoping to resolve soon, Please bare with me whilst I work through making some changes and possible intermittent outages.
  • Apologies all our server was runing rogue. I managed to get us back to a point from 2:45 today though there is an attachment issue i will fix shortly. Things should be smooth now though


Kim Jong Dan
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Can anyone tell me if this has now improved?

Also can you give me an explination as to when this occurs?
I havent had it happen to me yet.

Essentially I need to know if it happens in only one section of the site or accross the entire site.

So does it happen on

Forum_viewtopic.php, News.php, forum_viewforum.php etc

or just one of those?
im getting a double load into each of the forum pages, takes about 10 secs. Not sure if that helps
Fluffy is it only on the forum pages? and has it improved in the last hour or so?
As i recall it was only the forum pages but i cant guarentee.

Yes it has now fixed up on forum + news.
I was getting the double load using IE on forum pages for days. It stopped 'cos I switched to Firefox on your recommendation :) Data transfer was slower using IE as well.
I get it probably 50% of the time. Doesn't matter what page. It just freezes up right before finishing the load and stays frozen for about 5 - 10 second before all is ok.

Doesn't bother me though.
Firefox doesnt have the issue. Which leads me to believe its an IE peculirality since there is nothing code wise that might cause it. I also dont get it with IE on my machine here
I know its an IE only issue but just not all version sof IE what i am trying to establish is if the issue has improved over the last day or so
the entire site was down 20 mins ago whilst I was making some changes and upgrading a few things. I really want to rid the site of this annoying intermittent bug though
excellent, looks like I may have fixed it *Crosses fingers* as soon as it re-emerges, please let me know the page you were on and all other info and whether it happens if you try the same page again
anyone seen any further improvements with this?

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