Those "brain explosion"players


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Those "brain explosion"players

You know the ones I am talking about, the ones who make you wince everytime they tackle someone or run with the ball exposed, and you just expect them to do something stupid.

Well one of them plays for the Cowboys and I tell you what, he did it to me twice last night.

Sione Faumuaina or whatever his name is. Man I glad we didnt pick him up.

I had $50 on the Cowboys 13 plus last night at what I thought was great odds of $3.15. Leading 22 - 4 with 20 mins to go, the rain was pelting down and it was always going to be tough for either team to score, so while it still could have gone either way, it was looking like I might get the cash.

Then big Sione, decides to rush up out of the line on what i think was the last tackle on the Titans 40 metre line and attempts to shut down Scott Prince. Prince quickly offloads to his right and the Titans go 60 metres or so and Rogers scores, and converts. Cowboys up by 12. I was spewing.

Then about 10 mins later, he makes a half break down the left hand side, and just when the Cowboys looked to be threatening a try, he passes the ball ala Mullane style over the sideline.

I couldnt believe my luck when 4 minutes from time, Matty Rogers kicks a line drop out into touch on the full. Penalty Cowboys, 14 point victry.

From memory, Danny Moore would probably be the worst for me. He did some worrrying things at times.


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Those "brain explosion"players


Every time he goes for a tackle I wait for the whistle.


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Those "brain explosion"players

Whilst he has improved, Watmough still worries me sometimes, as does big George.


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Those "brain explosion"players

watmough is still giving away far too many penalties this year, one of the worst in the league


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Those "brain explosion"players

Top 10 penalties given away this year

1 Danny Nutley (Roosters) 13
2 Johnathan Thurston (Cowboys) 10
3 Joel Clinton (Panthers) 10
4 Anthony Watmough (Sea Eagles) 9
5 Brett Kimmorley (Sharks) 7 9
6 Daniel Wagon (Eels) 9
7 Brad Thorn (Broncos) 9
8 Sam Thaiday (Broncos) 9
9 Jeremy Smith (Rabbitohs) 8
10 Michael Witt (Warriors) 7

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Those "brain explosion"players

Watmough worries me. Burns has the potential to do this.

I used to wince every time King came into the game thinking about what ball he would drop, what tackle he would miss and how far he would get picked up and driven backward. (Hi Kingyfan by the way! :lol: :lol: )

However in 2007 he seems the real deal!


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Those "brain explosion"players

anyone remember just how bad kites hands were?

At one stage Kite had feet for hands!!

Glad he is the player he is today, he has improved way out of sight.


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Those "brain explosion"players

Excellent point fLIP - how easily I forget! I used to be terrified each time the ball came his way and I understand it was a club joke. Onya Kitey - first selection for Australia now.


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Those "brain explosion"players

Steve matai. Everytime he pretends to defend I almost want to weep.


Those "brain explosion"players

Matai's only defensive lapse is rushing out. Even that isn't so bad.. it's only bad if he misses.

Apart from that Matai hits like a brick wall... I love everytime an NRL ad comes on they show a little snippet of our game against the dogs at brooky last year and I think it was Reni Matuia who runs towards Matai and Matai absolutely lays him out. It's sweet.


Those "brain explosion"players

I agree Danny Moore's hands let him down too many times with the line open.
Remember Stuart Davies ( 2 iron with ears ) on the wing?


Those "brain explosion"players

I agree Danny Moore's hands let him down too many times with the line open.
Remember Stuart Davies ( 2 iron with ears ) on the wing?

No Stuey Davis bashing thanks. :cry:

Monaghan for me.
Not because he makes more errors than anyone else, just because I'll have to read about it in 72 different ways around here. ;)

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