this week and logic

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i am tipping eagles in a close one with no seems even the most gung ho ae posters are worried.why is this so.we have a pack with probably 4 origin players and 2 city players against a team who have won 3 games and have been decimated by the loss of many stars,the latest being the incumbent australian CENTRE.telsta stadium is hardly an imposing away venue (large,empty stands)like cronulla,dairyfarmers,liechardt etc.the bulldogs have a great record there because they have been a great side everywhere in the last couple of seasons.

i do not think we will be looking to bolster our forward pack in the next couple of years(they are a hard hitting,experienced pack nowdays with the 2bks and watmough stepping up)) and nor should we.most on this site seem to think all we need is a good centre.

fast forward to next round against dogs.probably wont happen but if you assume a full strength bulldogs squad then if this weeks confidence is any guide logic suggests most people will think we will get a flogging.

i cant seem to get my head around the logic in all this.every man and his dog thinks we have great halves and really only need a centre yet in a contest against a strong bulldogs in 2 months we would be given no chance if people doubt us this week.

we need to beat a strong side like the dogs to reach our desired goal of a premiership-how is this to be achieved when people doubt our ability to win THIS WEEK with 3 kangaroos and sonny bill out plus plenty of other thinks that a new centre does not answer this conundrum.

the away ,night stuff doesnt wash as no serious contender simply expects to lose away/at night.

the only conclusion i make is that many posters know deep down that we need a bit more than a centre to reach elite level given that our forward stocks will remain the same for the next couple of years.if real confidence existed posters should be pouring down from the mountains to declare the eagles certianties this week.

we are close but it will take a few more issues to be addressed IF WE WANT A TITLE and deep down most know what they are depite the bluster.


Winging it
You are spot on sue. Anything can happen in just one game, however we SHOULD beat them with the line up we have. If we don't then the club has to ask serious questions about where the weaknesses are.


First Grader
A very good view Sue......but I think the supporters don't have much confidence with our side as were not used to winning regularly. We're all waiting for 2004 form to pop in and out occasionally. Also we haven't beaten the Bullwogs for 9 years and it is a night game.

Sue, why did Stewy drop 3 bombs against the Broncos?

we SHOULD win! no excuses
i think you are dead right this comp confidence is a very fragile thing.the other sides who are on the fringe of the elite like us are all asking the same thing.can we take that next step.REAL belief is required to do that and winning this week is needed to have the players and fans really believe.3 away losses in a row means problems.


Reserve Grader
Agree with the majority of the the issues raised. Adding just one "Blue Chip" centre doesn't wash with me.

I have always been of the opinion, that we are short one more prop. The Princess is only good for 6-10 games a year. I don't mean an average first grader. I mean another high class Rep prop. One who could take us to another level, to dominate the other leading side's forward packs eg Broncos, Dogs (at Full Strength). Also, still a bit of a question mark over whether the have the right halves combo to win a comp.

But this week, Manly in a tight one.


Kim Jong Dan
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I think we can win it. The Bulldogs still have that opposing feel about them from the last few seasons. They arent that good a side at the moment. It's just likea hangover! its sticks with you for a while

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I would love to see one more hard and tough prop. In 96 Tierney was the icing on the cake to Gillespie, Spud and a tough back row. Pocock in the late 80s was the same.

I still believe the top line centre is needed. Anyone who saw the impact that Gasnier made last week against (admittedly weak opposition) Souths or how Lyon turned the game against us in 2003 at Parra stadium can see what a different a top line centre can make. Wingers are brought into the game, the halves have a target to hit and a whole attacking dimension is added to the game. Why do you think Kimmorley was so ineffective for NE when with Melbourne and Sharks he is a gun?
you bet we need a top centre point is that most seem to think that is all that is required if you look at the wraps placed on virtually every other position.if we really thought deep down that is the last piece in the jigsaw they'd be importing bandwagons to get the maroon and white masses to the TELSTRA and the TAB this week and this site would be awash with confidence BUT wary scepticism or fragile confidence seems the order of the day.why is this so?byso hit the nail on the head.

The Wheel
Premium Member
Add Luke Bailey, Anasta, Jamie Lyon - then we win a premership. I tend to agree with Jamesie. If King steps up and plays to his apparent SOO credentials then problem solved.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
I think we can win it.

i said I think we CAN win it!

which is a logically correct answer because we are playing so we can win. I didnt say we would win!.

Its a subtle difference, i would have thought being aliberal and all would have taught you how to put a loop hole in everything you say!


Journey Man
I agree with most said above, however i would like to add this.

All the good sides over recent years have played with a close to unchanged playing roster for a few years in a row. The salary cap has reduced the amount of blue chip players a club can afford to purchase - now you need to grow them as well if you want to win a premiership. Parramatta are a good example at choping and changing each year, and manly back it up with 2004 form.

The bulldogs have at full strength a lot of underpaid players - their team next year will be a lot weaker on paper and if we have almost an unchanged playing roster i think we would be favourites. You need a good recruiter who is able to spot the future blue chip players - the next gen if you like. The bulldogs have SBW, Mason, tonga, utai,O'meally who were not bought as current blue chips. We need to do the same - and have started. We have a fairly young team with a few experienced heads sprinkled. IF we can keep the core of our playing roster together for 2-3 years we should have the same aura about us as the bulldogs do and next year should be simalar to the cowboys this year, who are backed by most as top 4 contenders. Our Front row is young - lulu being the exeption, but started playing nrl late. Most front rowers take more time to mature, as do halves compared to outside backs and second rowers.

Depth is also much different these days. People have said time and time again about how good the bulldogs depth is - well it isnt looking fantastic to me now that it has finally been tested. The roosters last year had 19 players play 20 games or more - no depth tested there. The team that does have by far and away more depth is the broncos, it seems no matter what injuries are suffered there is always someone around waiting to step in. We have improved a lot in PL over the last 2 years and as the Bryants, Curtis's G. Stewarts etc get more games they will get better and better.

You just cant buy a side anymore - you need to groow it around a core group of players.

:blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

The Wheel
Premium Member
Lucky we have Crusher - hopefully there are a few Blue Chips in this SG Ball side


I am nervous not because I think Manly suck but because:

1- Bulldogs have been great over the last couple of years.
2- Manly have sucked over the last couple of years.
3- We seem to suck at nigh.
4- Against a 'good' team like Brisbane we fell apart.

I am still half expecting every week we will start to play like last year.

Though a few more wins and my belief will come back.

Go Manly.
could not agree more with most of what fluffy says there.the only difference is that the gung ho posters are basing our future on CURRENT players in KEY a bit more pessimistic there in terms of top 4 success.

such confidence is obviously false as is shown by the lack of confidence this week against a depleted side with those very same current heroes.that is where i disagree.

i reckon crusher is emininently capable of unearthing stars -he has a proven track record.lets hope so.


Reserve Grader
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Kim Jong Dan
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vegas you live a great life to be pissed this early on a friday.


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