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Canteen Worker

First Grader
Wilson said players were told not be away during the last week of September or the first week of October, given there may be a Grand Final appearance and, if so, hectic media commitments.
Obviously Monaghan realised we were no hope but it is poor form in my view.

Fancy though the Club Captain not being at the end of season dinner, to thanks sponsors, team mates and do his duties.

The "I got my dates wrong' excuse doesn't wash with me.

Time for a new Captain. All this bleeding Maroon and White stuff doesn't wash with me!!!! Is he that much on the outer he decided not to show. :wall: :wall:


Journey Man
Canteen - I have to lend you some DVD's to watch mate. 6 Manly wins this year. He actually played alright.


Journey Man
"were told not be away during"

some great grammer in that sentence of professional writing


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
people bag hasler as a coach but i think des saw the writing on the wall even when we were still high on the ladder with moaninghan. As i heard gould say, hes a good player to get you out of the cellar and he did that for manly. But hes not the player to win us comps.

The sooner he realises that and leaves the better.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
When Monaghan was good he was good, but when under pressure and flustered he was bad.

This is not about his form - that issue has been answered by the club who have bought Orford. The issue is about Monas and his impact on the club as Captain.

Can you imagine Toovey or Fatty etc going on holidays with blokes from another club and missing the Club presentation, Grand Final etc???

These blokes have an obligation to the club/sponsors to fulfil all requirements. If you can't do it you shouldn't be captain.


Journey Man
I don't think you guys remember how good we were in attack when he had Andrew Walker next to him. It's that "other option" that really helps his game. Orford is better than Walker in both attack, and espescially defence.
Whilst Monnas will never be a good chief playmaker, I think he's a fair second fiddle player.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
We are not talking about his on-field performance but more at his attitude and captaincy.

The readings on the Mona meter are very low in my view.


Journey Man
For a captain - I wholeheartedly agree...but in relativity to what "other" teams players do OFF the park, this is pretty minor.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Agreed Ryan. It is a storm in teacup (no pun intended). It does reveal that the underlying relationship between Manly and the Captain is quite possibly not great, and if that is the case then maybe there needs to be a parting of the ways. At the least it signals that we need a new Captain and hopefully Des makes the call on this one early next year!

We will know one way or the other before next March!


Journey Man
Is anyone else astounded that the club organised the player awards in GF week?

Mid season the Tigers were languishing below us on the table and looked no hope. Can you imagine the stuff-up had they done the same as us?

Makes you long for the days when Manly EXPECTED to win.


Journey Man
Canteen - like you said mate, I think it comes down to team harmony. The teams that always succeed are the ones that claim they are best mates off the park. Monnas & Mullane going on a trip separate to the rest of their team doesn't sound like best mates to me. I've always thought of Manly as a team that isn't the closest of friends.

I think serious team bonding sessions are required.


Journey Man
I think serious team bonding sessions are required.
And who should organise it?

1. A coke party at Andrew Walkers place, hosted by Kevin McGuiness and Craig Field?
2. Hoppa's tour of the Mardi Gras?
3. Sign Mason and send the team into ecstasy.
4. Let's bag the coach session fascilitated by Terry Hill.

Let's face it, the players are on the drink 3-4 times a week during the season (as you well know) so if we're going to do some bonding it will have to have a unique edge to it.

Seeing as most of the team is Gen Y these days, we can't have the little patsies getting bored, can we?


Journey Man
It's difficult Matabele. You can't take a team away for extended periods because the older players like Dunley & Kennedy (wow - even Watmough) have children. These guys are predominantly young, and I don't see our Leagues Club being a draw card for the players to hang out. It's old fashioned, and doesn't offer enough, like at Panthers / Tigers etc. They are clean, modern & fresh. In my opinion, the whole leagues club needs an entire overhaul, but that still wouldn't get these guys coming on tele, and saying they would die for each other like The Tigers, The Broncos & The Cowboys say throughout the media.
I think it comes down to basics like BBQ's, Pool nights etc. The captain needs to organise events to show leadership. Not head off overseas & miss their peers/colleagues winning their awards. The club should foot the bill for these events, because they will get a greater return out of it.

Look guys.

Jason King told me HIMSELF that Manly have been a team of INDIVIDUALS, striving toward their own goals & career aspiration. He said what the team were going to TRY and do was become a TEAM with one united goal "do it for each other". It hasn't happenned.

We have too many robots in the team. Non emotive people that look as though they are there to do a job & no more. We need more passion & aggression. We need more Kennedy's, Watmough's & Orfords. I'd like to see players like Beaver, Hecks & Steppa FIRE UP, and try and intimidate the opposition, because right now, we are the ones that look intimidated. What the players don't seem to understand, is that oppositions want to beat them to a point whereas THEY look, and we look bad, which inevitably means job losses. Opposition teams are trying to destroy their careers. Look at Lolesi. How intimidating is that character. How intimidating is Crocker. It's their passion & aggression to succeed that we need.

It's mate ship. Frankly, and said from the team themselves, we don't have that.


Journey Man
I agree with all of the above Ryan. But mateship is often forged in the furnace of adversity or is fostered by strong leadership that is committed to a particular type of culture.

The Tigers and Bulldogs and, to a lesser extent, the Cowboys - their mateship is a product of adversity.

The Broncos, Roosters etc have a very professional, dedicated and committed culture that puts club before the individual.

Traditionally our "mateship" has been of the former variety - the adversity that comes from being universally hated. These days that has been replaced by scorn and derision - little wonder our players heads drop so frequently when they realise they're a laughing stock.

And we're a laughing stock because it's fairly obvious that our admin ranks are riddled with people that are putting the individual ahead of the club. So we're Buckley's chance of achieving option 2 whilst that is in operation.

Blind freddy could see BK should have been captain in 2005. That he wasn't was because there were some pushing Monas' barrow because he'd be less of a threat to their own little kingdom.

Bk would have called a spade a bloody shovel - and that would be just far too confronting, wouldn't it?

The Wheel
Premium Member
I think it is pretty clear that the side had plenty of team spirit etc in the first half of the year which showed in the results and the sides determination in defence etc.

However since the Roosters game which coincided with Monas contract debacle the club basically discintergated - so the common factor should be removed so the club can go forward again.


Reserve Grader
when manly played bad it was mainly coz the forwards were not havin as bigger impact as usual and didnt help monagahn at all

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