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This Rookie's One Smart Cookie

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by bones, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. bones

    bones Bones Knows

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    Myles and Taupau are great signings, but Manly's most important recruit could be Trent Barrett.

    By Shayne Bugden (RLW January 14, 2016)

    There are more questions surrounding the 2016 Sea Eagles' season than there are idiots in federal parliament. How will their first-time coach go? Will all their high-profile signings fire? Are last year's dramas fully behind them? And who'll slot in at pivot to cover the huge loss of Kieran Foran?
    RLW has a scoop for you on that last one: It definitely won't be Trent Barrett.
    Asked if sorting the club's situation at five-eighth is a special interest of his given his incredible career in the no. 6 jumper, he laughs, "I'm too old to play."
    "But yeah, it is a special interest. We're lucky to have a dominant half in Daly (Cherry-Evans), plus Brett Stewart at fullback, and a hooker in Matt Parcell who can really control the ruck. All of that does enable me to use a running player at five-eighth."
    According to Barrett, whoever gets the nod won't have to worry about much other than playing what he sees in front of him. He's keen for Cherry-Evans to steer the team around the park and take the pressure off his halves partner.
    "Daly's at a stage in his career where he can take his game to another level," Barrett reckons.
    "He does things on the field that other people can't do. We're lucky to have him, and I do want him to take control."
    That's not the only bit of good fortune the first-time mentor has going for him at Manly, though.
    Dealing with the huge workload of a head coach is the first challenge he mentions about his new job, but he's got great back-up to help with that.
    "It doesn't stop, that's for sure", he says. "The biggest difference is all the peripheral stuff you have to deal with. When you're the assistant it's pure football, and as the head coach you don't do as much hands on stuff. But I've got two very good assistants in John Cartwright and. Anthony Seibold."
    Barrett's also got one hell of a playing list to work with, courtesy of some very strong recruiting that's added a bunch of guns to an already world-class crew of old hands.
    "The club's veterans - Brett Stewart, Steve Matai, Jamie Lyon - have been standouts," he says of his first impressions after seven weeks with the side. "Then we've brought in Lewis Brown and Nate Myles. They're all good leaders and terrific trainers and they've been invaluable to me ...... They're all very honest with their feedback."
    Barrett is guarded about his expectations for the team.
    He won't say where he'd be happy for them to finish on the ladder, and he wasn't giving anything away on who's leading the race to be five-eighth, except to say he has "a few ideas on that" and he definitely won't be making a decision until he picks the team for the round one clash with Canterbury.
    However, he's quick to point out one area he wants the Sea Eagles to turn the corner in.
    "Defensively we can improve a fair bit on last year," he maintains.
    "There are a few things from my point of view that we can fix ..... We know what we want to achieve, and we're lucky to have a good squad with plenty of ability. But that by itself doesn't guarantee you wins. We've got to be disciplined."
    Next season will be the first since 2004 that Manly's been coached by someone who wasn't a legendary player for them. The "insular peninsula" tag fits the team like a glove, so it's only natural to wonder if Barrett's concerned about being an outsider.
    "I can't control that, so I haven't thought about it, to be honest," he says. "There's pressure with every first grade job, and it's a high profile club. If I starting thinking about things I can't control , I'll lose focus."
    Pressed on whether all the changes at Brookvale will actually make it easier for him to mould the club into his own image, the former NSW and Kangaroo star admits, "Yeah, but I wouldn't have changed what I want to do regardless of how many players were here from before.
    "I've got a pretty clear idea on what I and I have clear ideas about the culture and style of footy we'll play. I'm lucky that we've recruited very well."
    Come the end of 2016, Sea Eagles fans will be hoping they feel lucky to have Barrett sitting in the coaches box.
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    • Simonmyers11

      Simonmyers11 Well-Known Member

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      Am very interested in how Barret coaches the sides defensive patterns. Myself and a lot of eagles supporters found that to be a very frustrating aspect of Manly's game last year..they seemed to get caught out in defense quite a lot, especially out wide, but didn't seem like Toovey ever addressed it? Hopefully Barret can rebuild the defensive wall, cause as we all know - defense wins matches
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      • Biscuits

        Biscuits Active Member

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        Looks like parcell will be the hooker.
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        • maxta

          maxta Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          Think he will employ a much better control in the tackle.
          Some of the poor decisions & bad defensive reads out wide come back to the speed of the play the ball, which no doubt Barrett will address....more time to regroup & communicate ensures players are buying into a pattern, that works with the bloke next to them.
        • MadMarcus

          MadMarcus Local Lunatic 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          I reckon with Api off the bench for impact.
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          • Freagle

            Freagle Well-Known Member Premium Member

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            This strikes me as an older article, re-done to fill an editorial gap...looks like it was written before we signed Taupau and Walker, as it keeps talking about the 5/8th issue, and would surely mention Taupau if it was genuinely talking up our prospects.
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            • Wombat Legacy

              Wombat Legacy Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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              Lapses out wide are caused by defence dragged into the ruck area due to domination of the play the ball area by your opposition. It was all about desire and will to compete-put simply, they lost that desire and mental toughness to compete 100% of the time. Toovey inherited Des's blueprint and stuck with it, so I dont believe the players were just "poor" It was their general attitude across the park that was poor. I think they became stale and complacent. TBH Toovey did very little to alter the structures-some were just not playing for him anymore, and the cohesion was missing.
              I am looking forward to a quantum leap this year in effort and desire!
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              • Mals

                Mals Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                Or alternatively the quality of our forward pack last year was at a record low.
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                • lsz

                  lsz Well-Known Member Staff Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                  I am a simple man...I just liked how he used "we" instead of them like some coaches do
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                  • Mac Man

                    Mac Man Active Member

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                    Well I can't see Jamie Lyon playing 5/8 so besides Dylan Walker who else is there? Sounds like some Media games at its best. Not a Bad start from Trent he doesn't seem to give much away.

                    Also refreshing Bones to see some positive posts!

                    Come on you Eagles.............. Lets smash the Dogs and then put 50 on the dirty Foz's Eeels.
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                    • bones

                      bones Bones Knows

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                      I have no animosity towards the coach or any of the players. I actually think Trent Barrett will do quite well. Any coach would do well with the squad he has got to work with.
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                      • The Who

                        The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

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                        There is no reason why Trent shouldn't have the full support of all of us. He is not responsible for the 2V sacking. I'm vitally interested in seeing if we play a more 'unstructured' game in attack than in 2015, when I thought we were slow and predictable. I just watched a replay of a 1988 (I think) match between Manly and Brisbane at Brookie where Cliffy scored all of Manly's three tries and it reinforced the importance of trusting your instincts, rather than going through a pre-programmed six-tackle routine. We have some great instinctive players so give them full reign to try things without threat of censure if they don;t come off.
                        Naturally, I expect our defence to be more intimidating than in 2015.
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                        • BOZO

                          BOZO Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                          Good on you feathered friend . Birds of a feather stick together
                          Go the mighty Sea eagles !!!
                        • manlyfan76

                          manlyfan76 Parra Trolls are the best. Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                          If we dont go undeafted in 2016 i will be unhappy at some point.
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                          • Jerry1

                            Jerry1 Well-Known Member

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                            I wish the new coach and will wave my flag no less passionately at brooky than I did with des or tooves.
                            I will put the back slapping on hold though until he delivers....

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