This is the problem with the Yanks!

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First Grader
A 12-year-old boy has been convicted in the US over the shotgun slayings of his aunt and grandmother.
Bryan Christopher Sturm, who was convicted yesterday in Marietta, Ohio, is expected to be imprisoned until age 21.

He told investigators he shot his grandmother at her Ohio home on November 22 because she constantly criticised him, according to an affidavit filed by the Washington County sheriff's office.

He said his aunt was accidentally shot in the head when she grabbed the gun.

Sturm's attorney, Ray Smith, said he planned to appeal.

"It's very difficult for me, knowing on my watch he's been found guilty of a crime I don't believe he committed," Smith said.

In closing statements on Friday, Smith argued that detectives had coerced a confession from Sturm, but prosecutors said there was no evidence indicating that was the case.

In Ohio, a child must be at least 14 years old to be tried as an adult.

A hearing will be held later to determine whether Sturm will be designated a serious youthful offender, which would let authorities keep him in prison past his 21st birthday if he commits a violent offence while incarcerated or if it appears he has not been rehabilitated, said Rae Ward, the county's juvenile court administrator.

AdvertisementA sentencing date has not been set.


Larry Tate

Reserve Grader
Most screwed up country on Earth. You can get a weapon anywhere you want,kill someone and plead "the right to bare arms" ,the place is awash with crack and heroin,you can sue a take-away outlet because your too fat and get away with all these things with a semi-literate lawyer on your side. But don't dare show a bare tit on TV,will you. What a bent,f***ed up place that is! :evil:


Journey Man
You men sicken me.

America is the most godly, wonderful nation on earth. They are our friends and allies and if it were not for them we'd all be speaking Japanese.

Leave our friends alone.


Canteen Worker

First Grader
You men sicken me.

America is the most godly, wonderful nation on earth. They are our friends and allies and if it were not for them we'd all be speaking Japanese.

Leave our friends alone.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
It looks like Mata has been impacted by the same problem George Bush is quoted as having in todays news!!!


Reserve Grader
So true.

And to think... we are being modelled upon them. The Macdonaldisation of Australian society.


I have to ask the question... why the hell would you want to?


Winging it
If the whole world viewed all Aussies from the way Johnnie runs the country we would all be painted as unsympathetic self-centred bastards. We haven't signed the Kyoto Accord or the UN Child Labour Convention. There have been two lots of backpacker murders. Of course the truth of what is Australia is a lot different from that.

I think a lot of yanks are top people! (covers from barage). I know heaps of really great places in the States and heaps of crappy ones. We have the same here. Yank-bashing is not a sport - leave them alone.


Reserve Grader
I mostly have no problem with the citizens... I know Yanks I adore...
But it's the society in general I'm worried about. They have no respect for the earth... they just keep right on polluting. They make huge cars that guzzle fuel (not even thinking about the smaller ones)... they pollute sooooooo much! Their medical system is a mess and education... well, it's bloody hard to afford. And crime?? The statistics are appalling...

No matter how much government bashing I do... at least, social wise, Australia is soooo much better.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Classic post! I watched Fox News the other day and it was hilarious the way the media asked questions and didn't even let the interview answer the question. I thought our media was bad - Laws. Jones etc but they are shocking.

I know lots of good Yanks but I hate the way the system works over there and also the contradictions that exist.


Reserve Grader
Don't celebrate yet byso... it may be the painkillers talking...

But you get me wrong, I love Aussie... but there is alot of room for improvment.

Just had my last 2 wisdom teeth out at 9.30 today. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

US news is funny... tragic, but funny.


I agree Manly Backer, it is very harsh to bag the US citizens when it is a small minority in powerful positions who arrogantly manipulate situations to suit there own wants and needs.
While not quite in the same boat as the US, our governmet aren't far behind and look to be catching up every extra year Johnnie is in power (thats not to say labor wouldn't have done the same)
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