this is how it all comes down

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by gomanly, Apr 27, 2006.

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    By:gomanlyApr 27, 2006
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    1. we are losing one of our top 3 in BK.
    2. we need dollars to replace someone like him.
    3. upgrades for players who will make it
    1.sign lyon, push him to 5/8, he is young enough to learn better in the nrl than yuk super league i mean uk.

    2. loose dunley, we can get burns into a dummy half role with monas, monas being the preferred choice, and with releasing dunners we can save some cashiola.

    3. upgrade choco, cause there is only one choco whatmough, no that sign is not mine, he is the next steven "beaver" menzies, this guy will captain manly one day!! (feel free to quote me - "chris bateman 27/4/2006" -) upgrade mark bryant, this is not only personal, he is genuinely one great prop, he WILL make it at the top level.
    And, upgrade adam cuthbertson, this guy will make it, after what i have heard and seen with him in first grade - only worry is him being head hunted by the AR ****in U and everyone else in league.

    COME ON YOU MIGHTY SEA EAGLES THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE, PUT ME IN CHARGE! (just kidding, but i would do it) KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid, all i want is another thousand premierships. :drunk: and the perenial :bdh:
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