This couldn't be true - could it ;)

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Winging it
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

Gen Y a flighty job lot
June 21, 2007

THEY'RE flighty, they're fickle, they're selfish. Meet Generation Y, the sons and daughters of today's middle managers.

They've been a worry for their parents and now the demographic branded "Gen Y" is becoming a headache for employers, who are at a loss about how to hang on to the 18 to 26-year-olds.

The solution is don't bother, the market researcher Neer Korn said in a provocative but humorous address to a business lunch in Melbourne yesterday. "Hire people in their late 20s when they've passed that stage." According to Mr Korn, "that stage" ends in their late 20s, when Gen Y starts to think long-term for the first time.

"Better still, hire baby boomers. They make the best employees. Nobody wants to hire them," Mr Korn said. "They're looking for work. They don't go off and get pregnant … they have no egos."

Mr Korn, director of the market and social research firm Heartbeat Trends, characterised Gen Y as self-centred but with their unshakeable optimism.

After witnessing the trauma of their parents being retrenched, Gen Y had no faith in employers.

They have no wish to spend years inching forward in careers. They think short-term. Their aim is to gain experience, not wealth.

Employers must recognise and connect with the high level of optimism and self-esteem that come with Gen Y. They are always looking for shortcuts to success, smarter ways of doing things.

So how do companies hang on to them? Mr Korn offered tips: They despise hypocrisy, and they're more loyal to the team than the company - find them mentors and think laterally about opportunities they can gain, for example in an overseas posting.

Remove the glass wall that divides a Gen Y-er's rich life from their workplace. But most of all, he said, "it's the little things that count. It's the little cups of coffee, it's a little chat here and there, it's a little tap on the back".
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

When the next recession hits we'll see what remains of their misguided optimism.
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

If the baby boomers and gen-x douches had taken the time to actually think about their children rather than wax lyrical about it then you wouldn't have people thinking like that.

The work place has changed. In my field it is better for me to change companies in order to get a pay rise and move upwards than it is within a company. The job market dictates behavior.

Don't forget that we were taught by the BB's and Gen xers that experience is the most important thing, it was near impossible to get a job unless you had experience!

So don't come back and criticize us for listening to your generations advice,
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

You mob are not the children of Gen X (thank goodness).

We're breeding the redeemers.
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

No i am the child of a baby-boomer, but we still received our education from a mixture of both. At least the children of Gen-y will be aware of the evil in this world, be aware of their impact on it and be educated on the mistakes of our fathers and our teachers and our own!

The Apathy of Gen-x can hardly be something to be celebrated
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

The apathy is a front. We won't allow our kids to be latchkey, emotionally deprived and reared by Eddie Groves.
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

A front?
Gen x doesn't have the intelligence for that
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

but some say up until 1981, in which case I would be an xer and i am more characteristically a gen xer than a gen y.

But I did find this paragraph amusing in an article I was reading at the following link. Funny considering what the OP was about, dont you think?
Defined as more Global, Culturally diverse and technology orientated then the generations before
them. Generation X exists in a time that a life long career path with the one firm is virtually non
existent, the average income is falling, affordability of the lifestyle is non-existent and change and
corporate restructure is the way of life.
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

I go with the 1965-76 definition. The others are far too broad and not indicative of the true Gen X experience.

Basically those that were 15-25 at the beginning of the last recession are those that are the true Gen X stereotype - particularly in Australia where the highest number of births for any year ever were in 1971.
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

Interesting article Dan. My birth certificate must be wrong- I don't fit any of the genx descriptions?
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

heres one on Gen Y, but not written with the same detachment as the other one, there is a bit of personal opinion in that one, which i dislike
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

I'm a 68 baby and don't fit the mould. its all crap anyway
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

Just to prove my Gen X credentials I would like to announce that I have just managed to secure my A reserve ticket to the Cure concert scheduled for August.
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

meh....whatever....I'll just download a bootleg video of it from youtube.

PS: DOB 1980.
This couldn't be true - could it ;)

gronk.... nice

I was goign to get tickets to that but decided against it because I cant stand all the young upper middle class kids rebelling against their parents.

Though I am going to see the Beautiful Girls in July. and awesome band!

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