They Have Picked King for City Again.

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Reserve Grader
awww Byso, c'mon didn't need to be Einstein to work out his form. Firstly, you need to question Des as to why he put a player carrying injury out theree each week. All King was trying to do was his busted best, and it wasn't 1st grade standard. he should have been in PL if there was someone better....maybe there was?

i would think comments along these lines are fair, yet not everyone has to agree with it.

What we were reading from the likes of daniel and co in2005 were derogatory comments on what sort of a person he was, how much heart he had etc etc. One could prolly overlook these comments once, but it went on for weeks and weeks.

King had to make 20 odd tackles and over 100m to be "up to standard", yet dan couldn't even get the correct stats from websites to use for his arguments on King. Dan had the easier job and couldn't get it right, so i returned serve on how useless he was to see if anyone understood the irony - and my relationship with this site has been going downhill ever since...hehehe

Unlike what people say about me , I never once got up anyone for saying a player was performing badly, should be in reserves etc etc...and I've said that in many a post.
I just don't see the need and lose respect for those who post poorly and derogatory - and yet can't cop it back.

And when people like Jatz stoops down to name calling....well...i rest my case


Journey Man
i know who i would rather have in my team out of J King or K Hunt !

are you saying city country is at the same level as Tests? Because that was obviously the ratio i was basing it on.


Good luck to Jason on friday night!!

I hope he can back up and play well against the bronc's saturday night too...

Fair dinkum, John Skandalis has to be the best front rower to never get a look in!!

I don't know who's dick you have to suck to get a go but he is the latest premiership winning front rower and i don't think he has a bad game... not sure on stats but i'd say he'd be up there every week... highly under-rated player but in saying that if you win the comp and can't get a rep jumper in that year what chance do you have.. poor bugger.

It must piss him off knowing on friday night he could make 300m and make 46 tackles and he still won't get a go..

Good luck to Jason though, obviously he has a quality in him that the selectors are looking for and let's hope he can bring that quality to the fore front


Journey Man
skando is in the team, just on the bench.

Him and kingy should swap but maybe they feel skando will add more impact after the first rush.

I cimpletely agree he should have got a few runs last year - he was on fire then


yeah i know he is in the team.. hence i said "It must piss him off knowing on friday night he could make 300m and make 46 tackles and he still won't get a go.."


I'm saying he will be spewin knowing that when he plays for city friday night he could make 300m and 46 tackles and still not get a run for the blues in origin this year


Reserve Grader
What chance the incumbent Aust fullback, K Hunt, isn't judged good enough to get picked for Origin? Falls behind Inglis, Bowen AND Schifcofske (in that order) in my estimation. And that's after ignoring Lockyer who should really be pushed out of 5/8th by Thurston!! Are the Qld selectors on drugs too or will common sense prevail?

ive got another one - KHunt got picked for Australia, Kings selection for city is less of a shocker than that based on form.


UFO Hunter
He may have had 3 bad years. He may have been picked over those years undiservedly (in the respect that someone may have deserved it more) but he has well and truly justified his chance this season.

You can't hold the past against him unless it still causes problems. And it doesn't.


First Grader
Scando is ****! Very hot and cold. He isn't consistent enough. Obviously over rated by some here.


hahaha :clap:

I just think he's a pretty good player, doesn't let his team down. I think if he was given a go in a blues side he'd be one of the Bailey's or O'meley's of the game but he just doesn't get a go..

He is the front rower who last year led his team all the way to premiership glory and i don't think there was a player in their pack that was more out standing than him last year.


First Grader
Fair enough. I still don't rate him.

But i'm sure we agree that BK, Bell and the Ox are good players :)
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14 10 4 78 24
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14 7 7 63 18
14 7 7 37 18
15 8 7 -8 18
14 7 7 -50 18
13 7 6 -55 18
15 7 7 28 17
14 6 8 -55 16
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