They Came, We saw, I conquered

Came back to Sydney from travelling to see the boys play last night. In order to explain the thread it is my way of letting all Sydney based Manly supporters know that our team support base in Newcastle is strong and something to be proud of.

The Newcastle based Manly fans, although small in numbers and highly subued among the Novacastrians in proportion to the 25,000 fans at the stadium, turned up to cheer the boys on. Not any easy task over there (believe me I found out the hard way).

We all saw the team play and despite the constant negativity shown towards them from numerous commentators about their premiership credentials proved that unlike Hagan's belief "Manly can play footy on Fridays and away from home" - easybeats my (deleted). We're on our way to the finals.

Regarding my conquering - all I can say is that I think that it will be a very long time before a certain Newcastle supporter tells an opposing team's fan to "sit down you ()head" as was the case with me when chearing on the boys after our third try. All I can say is that this turd was shown what Manly passion is all about and crawled into his shell like a turtle especially after the bellowing cheer he heard fromn me after Orfird's kick from the sideline.

Once again a great atmosphere amongst the Manly supporters trying to find their way out of the carpark maze. Great night and highly recommended to all for next year.

As for this year let's up the ante 4x at brookie and intimadte opposing fans through roaring chants rather than lewd remarks like other supporters.

As I have said on more than one occassion on this forum - we're good for 3 out of 4 wins in the regular season and potentially going all the way to the final. Let's get out there in numbers at Brookie for the next 2 home games and show the boys that we believe in them.

Go the eagles.
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I agree that it is very important our fans turn up to Brookie over the next fortnight and are heard!
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Nice summary Phoenix, I guess you would have been hoping the Eagles held off the Knights in the final seconds otherwise....

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