There's this frog....

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UFO Hunter
As the title suggests, their is this frog (cant remember the name); within its skin it contains some of the most venemous poison on the planet. Just 1/10 000th of a gram is enough to kill and adult human being! Just thought that was pretty amazing. And so, my phobia of frogs continues to grow. 8)
There are also other frogs with skin that contains happy drugs. When you lick them you can trip out big time.

Just dont mix the 2 up
Which kinda makes you wonder.... who was the first person to pick the frog up and lick it???? Surly they didn't know what would happen when they did it......... weird. :?
From memory its in an indo/pacific country and some tribe used it for recreation. They probably stumbled on it by accident - some kid picked one up and licked it maybe.

You have to extend that thought to a lot of things - like vegemite. Who thought that the scraps from beer could be used for a spread. Firstly someone had to think of making beer. Who thought that some plants fermented into alchohol under certain conditions.
But licking a frog fluffy..... it just seems a little different to fermenting a drink!!! :shock:
Very different, point being licking a frog is a much simpler process than fermenting a drink then taking whats left and cooking it and tasting it. My point was there are millions of things that just shouldnt have ever have been worked out.

More chance of it happening accidentally - could well have been cooked up and eaten and they found it enjoyable.

or maybe it was a dare
mabo imi imi taker licky licky

Translation: I dare you to like that frog you ****en girl!
Just on licking cane toads- a few years back in uni days I decided it would be a good idea- whoaaaa.... never again. Not really the safest thing to do either. I just sat there all day seeing Rhinos charge at me- seriously !
What's wrong with this generation? We spent our uni days smacking cane toads with a two iron - up to 150 each per night.

We'd heard of boiling them for the narcotic but licking one? :?
Mata- you should've checked out the mushrooms around parliament house- always good at certain times of the year :wink:

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