The Williams and Anasta Show

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UFO Hunter
I don't know about anybody else but I thoroughly enjoyed the verbal stoush between Richie Williams and Braith Anasta before and during the ANZAC day clash yesterday.

I've gotta say though, both of them were right on the money with their comments. However, no matter how rubbish Anasta is on the field Richie Williams is starting to come across as a cocky little ****, starting way back in round one when he flipped Preston Campbell the bird on the way to the try line for the Dragons only win so far this season.

For those who don't know, before the match yesterday Williams started a little battle between the two when he commented that Anasta is a shadow of the player he once was. Which is a spot on observation but like any over-rated player you can't just sit down and cop that sort of treatment. Especially after leaving the games biggest forward pack behind and achieving all of about 8 wins as the Roosters blue chip play maker.

Anasta then went on to comment after the match, "For someone who has done absolutely nothing in the game, it was a pretty big call, I think his performance today probably showed what he is as a person. He'll probably be back in reserve grade next week, where he belongs. He wanted to talk the talk and he didn't walk the walk. It was garbage. It just fires you up even more and fires the team up so he did a good job for us today, Richie Williams. It's a pity for his team-mates having to put up with that. They would have been fired up for a match and they're all great blokes and their team-mate is a loud mouth like that. It doesn't help."

Theres just something so thoroughly enjoying about watching a 'loud mouth' and a 'has been' going toe to toe with verbal sprays while both their clubs try and pick themselves up off the bottom of the ladder.

Anasta is not a shadow of the play he once was. In fact in my opinion he never was a good player. Williams was right on the money. The question is though, despite how right he was is Richie Williams entitled to carry on the way he has after less than a handful of games in a side that's got one win under the belt this season?

I say no, but god it was good to see Anasta told to his face just how bad everyone really thinks he is. :clap:


Who is Williams? He's a nobody. He's scored a couple of tries, but really - he's been the worst player on ground in every game he's played for Saints other than Round 1. Anasta on the other hand is in fairly decent form at the moment. Probably best on ground against the Raiders last week, had another good game yesterday.

Anasta sh*ts all over him. And he always will.

Gotta say though, I didn't expect Anasta to fire off that many shots after the game! He cut loose. And fair enough too - when I saw what Williams had said before the game I thought "what the f*ck is wrong with this guy? Why would he give that much ammo to a team that is desperate for a win?".


anasta is no immortal but who the hell is that Williams bloke to come out in the press and rubbish him. Considering Braith has played Origin footy. Williams was even bagged out by his own coach after the game. Lets face it if Gaznier was fit he would be in reggies.
Williams is a cocky little bastard. While what he said about Anasta is true, it shouldn't have been him to say it, as he has done nothing himself. Brown didn't look to happy about what he said. How long do you give Brown anyway? If I was Doust, I'd fire him on the spot.


Nathan Brown is the worst coach in the comp.

Richie Williams is a ****wit.

Braith Anasta has been the best for the roosters this year and is trying hard.


UFO Hunter
Apparently Brown had a stern word with him after the game against the Titan's when he was talking it up and gave Preston the finger in front of about 50,000 fans.

I doubt he is an intelligent type and just what you would expect to come out of the dragons. Although what he said about anasta was spot on, regardless of the effort he puts in.

Williams, however, shouldn't be the one to shoot of at the mouth about it.


First Grader
Reminds me of when Mundine spoke out about the Storm, hahaha. What was the score, 72-10 or something like that.

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Anasta is having a good season this year, probably 1 of the form 6s in the comp the last few weeks

Remember a couple of years back Haumono saying what he was going to do to Morley and he got smashed. The only pre match spray i have really seen work the last few years was Clinton v the Chooks


First Grader
RUGBY league's most notorious big noter Anthony Mundine last night demanded that rookie motormouth Richie Williams not be gagged, but warned him "you'd better be able to back it up".

Dragons five-eighth Williams was yesterday shielded from the media by St George-Illawarra after publicly criticising Sydney Roosters five-eighth Braith Anasta in the lead-up to Wednesday's Anzac Day match.

After having played just four first grade games, Williams angered Dragons coach Nathan Brown with his controversial comments on Anasta, where he said: "He is not as good as he was, trust me."

Mundine stood solid behind Williams but stressed he would have to back up any boastful comments.

"I believe he has the right to say what he wants," Mundine said. "Richie should he able to express himself and there shouldn't be any pressure from the club. He should be allowed to say what he thinks, why not?

"You shouldn't go around putting gags on people just because they want to back themselves.

"Who cares what Braith Anasta says? Richie can say what he likes and Braith can say what he likes. It's a two-way street."

But Mundine had a warning for young Williams.

"Richie's got to back it up," Mundine said. "If you talk smack about this and that, you have to back it up.

"But you can't talk yourself up and not deliver. That's the challenge for him now. I'm sure he can back it up. He wouldn't talk if he didn't think he could back it up."

Mundine said he always backed up his comments about legendary opponents Laurie Daley and Brad Fittler.

"There was talk about Fittler and Daley," Mundine said. "I backed it up.

"Those two players saw the results on the field.

"I thrive on pressure. That brings out the best in me. That happened when I played league and played against Daley and Fittler.

"Their teams never beat mine in five years. I always outplayed them when we played Easts and Canberra. They can vouch for that."

Daley responded last night by saying: "I'd love to reply but I'm too busy dusting my trophy cabinet."


Yeah, read that tonight at work.. good call from daley.

I'll give it to mundine though he does tend to back up his bull**** talk.
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