The wheels are falling off big time!

The performance tonight was not a good one.
Some of the players looked very pedestrian and tired.
When does Des make changes to the team?
Those who say we don't need Lyon & a couple of mongrel forwards are speaking out their arses!
Maybe a new coach.........
Journey Man
Who cares. The writings on the wall with the loser we call a coach. Look to what happened at exactly the same time last year !!! If Manly don't sack Des Hasler, we will always crumble at imperative times.

Bring on the do gooders who say we have improved, seasons not over..blah...blah....blah...
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the money they were gonna pay for Creagh , spend it on LANG

Des may be a good bloke, but that may be why players dont want to sign with Manly
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Just seen the miss tackle by Witt
IMO that turned the game against us

time to P1SS him off right out of the club


I'm usually a positive person, and usually don't post a whole lot, but I can't not say anything now. It's really really starting to look like last year. We look like we're about to completely fall apart and lose it again.

There has to be changes made to this team. King, Williamson and Dunley can play like that week in, week out and not even have the threat of being dropped hanging over their head. That is where the problem lies.

Dunley, giving penalties every single week, Williamson doing absolutely nothing in attack or defence when he comes on (why bother bringing him on for the last 10 odd minutes? Not like he's going to bust through), and King just being soft... then we have no chance.
Orford very very ordinary tonight too. He really looks like he shouldn't be out there at the moment, you can see him struggling big time with that injury.

But, as per normal, the same old team will be rolled out next week.

For mine, rest orford, drop King, promote Glenn Stewart (great game tonight i thought), and give ballin a proper go at his proper position. He's gotta be better than Dunley.

Congrats to Monas and both Stewarts on top games. And of course, BK, an absolute machine.

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