The Warriors
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As most poster agree this is game that could go either way, it is very important for both clubs to start the season on the run.

At this time of year I am not so sure about the Warriors. They have a lot of new players in important positions in the team.

Has the team discontent with management and coaching staff being resolved?

Their two trials are against the Parra P/L side and a selection from the local kiwi comp. Hardly tough matches to gell a new side together.

I think this is a game we can get away with, similiar to last year against the Cowboys. Played them early before they go some momentum going.

If our defence (ie forwards) holds up strongly we should get the cash.
its definately very even on paper.. its about who wants it more.

King v Villasanti (if he plays)
Kite v Price
Kennedy v Ruben Wiki,
Beaver v Awen Guttenbeil

etc.. they look like they may have the upper hand.. but we have a great bench.. hopefully the guys can pull it off.
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*Rips off gaffer tape*

Warriors by 20

*sticks gaffer tape back on*
I'm definitely happier with the Warriors running up a massive score in their last trial than having a tough, tight hitout. It works to our advantage for sure.

If we keep the intensity up Manly by 8.
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The warriors have hardly had a perfect lead in with the anderson issues.

It wont be an easy game but I think we have it in us. 2 very evenly matched teams here.

Home ground advantage will be somewhat negated by first game of the season fire.

One thing to say this is a make game, but to lose for either team its not a break game.

If last years team can beat the cowboys up there first up then we have a good chance of pulling off the same in kiwi land.
if we lose alot this year i just hope its nothing like the scorelines we had last year..

why cant we lose simply and be competitive.. thats all i ask.
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In good seasons it is very hard for anyone to win against the Warriors in Kiwiland. They need a good start as last year was horrid for them.

I think it will be a torrid game. What we need to do is hang in there as they seem to go from hot to cold. I think we can match them in the forwards but it will be a matter of taking opportunities and also limiting their ad-lib football.

I still have nightmares of the Sam Murphy moment in the first game at Brookie several years ago that cost us a win - they were all over us early but we hung in there and ground our way back into the game to be in front with minutes to go!
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we will win. no doubt. those sheep rooters :lol: that one for the line, are all talk.

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