The Supporters will be Happy

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With the departure of Roach many fans will be much happier, as outlined here on other threads.

His main crime is that he was not a "Manly' boy, seeming to have his heart in Tiger'sville, based on a long career there, joy when they won the comp in 05 and there were others (like me) offended when he laughed on air after the disaster at Penrith two seasons ago.

Whether it is just media talk that the players and coaching staff thought he was great or that he left of his own accord, we will never know. Some also worried about his commitments in radio making it difficult to see games. However that doesn't stop Matt Johns working with Melbourne and being effective.

Myself, I don't care what club the coaches came from, as long as they are talented, effective, respected by players and get the job done. In the end it is these things rather than passion fo rthe club that makes a good coach. Blocker may have done a great job with our forwards, we will never know. After all noone could say our Prop roster is in the same class as the clubs ahead of us.

Who will be the new forward coach, if indeed the club chooses to get one???
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Well posted CW. And besides Roach was a useless prick. And whoever hired him needs to go as well. Witch-hunt out all the deadbeats.
I agree, if people want a Manly man there isn't much to choose from unless you go back a fair way to Roachs era and beyond when the game was very different.

What does Nik Kosef do these days?

Someone with credentials please rather than another job for the boys arrangement. Maybe Brohman will get a run this time.


I racking my brain through our forwards that have retired in the past couple of decades that a) could do the job and b) aren't already with another team....maybe Scott Fulton.....


jokes...what about Malcom Reilly- forwards coach would be a reduced role and it would just like a holiday for him in 'Gods Country'

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