The so-called skills coach


Journey Man
Interesting to note that our players will begin their pre-season training tomorrow and our forwards skills coach will be nowhere to be seen!

He of course will be galivanting around the UK getting even fatter on pork pies and watching his son swan around with the Ausralian schoolboys side (Union that is).

For a month!

Is he still employed by our outfit?

If so, is it acceptable that he will have no input into our forwards before the New Year more than likely?


Its probably a good thing for the team that he is not there because hopefully we will now have someone who cares actually teaching them some skills over the next month.


Journey Man
He's probably encouraging his son like he said he would do only a month ago to join his Tigers. I just watched the 96 grand final win, and I tell you - people with Roaches loyalties would not be see back then !!!


Journey Man
He does look like he's swallowed a feedlot.

Maybe the reason our boys can't offload is because Roach can't reach around his midriff to demonstrate technique anymore?
I'm pissed if he's not here training the forwards. Apart from Beaver and BK, our forwards HAVE NO SKILLS! Why were the Tigers able to combat their size disadvantage against bigger packs? 2 reasons: 1, they gang tackled defensively, and, 2, they had the offloading and passing skills to run rings around opposing packs. I haven't even seen Kite or King try to pass at speed before. We need serious work in this department.


Journey Man
Crusher - whilst Roach is a coach of The Sea Eagles - you won't. He lacks any passion for The Eagles brand. His forwards both conceded, and made less metres than ANY other forward pack in the NRL. That includes The Rabbits, Tigers etc etc.

We need maroon & white blood at the club. Not Tiger blood. It's like having Adolf Hitler deciding to support the jews after he orderred creation of the gas camps. By the way, that's an analogy. I'm not suggesting anything political about Blocker.


The tigers sacked Roach years ago from their coaching ranks because he was hopeless. If he was any good do you think that they would let him go?

He is crap and I say send him back to the tigers now so that they don't win the comp again this year.

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