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The Silvertails Preview: Round 15 The Manly Sea Eagles v The Gold Coast Titans


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Jun 25, 2015
Sigh….. So I was busy studying for my university exams yesterday and didn’t do this preview, in fact I should probably be studying now as well but I need something to distract me for an hour or so. Anyway, Manly decided to just not tackle at all in the last 20 minutes last week. Essentially we are a rabble, but then again we always are when we lose apparently. But seriously that game actually broke me, we are playing like Parramatta in 2013, we are just that bad. It would have been harder to lose that game than it was to win it but we found a way. And the thing is we have been doing this literally all year. We keep shutting off for 20 minutes periods which costs us the game, see the Parramatta and Rabbitohs games for the worst examples of this. To say that we as a team are underachieving is an understatement. Our season is over.

Meanwhile, we have the Titans, who are the surprise packets of the season. Their forward pack is surprisingly good, with Paasi, Douglas, James and Shillington providing a decent platform for Ashley Taylor to pilot them around. God I wish we managed to sign this kid. They aren’t a good team, but they certainly aren’t bad, they won’t be the pushovers they were last year at all. They are just solid all around the park, and they will most likely be out to get us after we ‘screwed them’ with the DCE backflip.

Team Lists:
The Gold Coast Titans
William Zillman
2. Anthony Don
3. Josh Hoffman
4. Nathan Davis
5. Nene Macdonald
6. Tyrone Roberts
7. Ashley Taylor
8. Luke Douglas
9. Nathan Friend
10. Ryan James
11. Zeb Taia
12. Chris McQueen
13. Agnatius Paasi
14. Eddy Pettybourne
15. Leivaha Pulu
16. Ryan Simpkins
17. Nathan Peats
18. Konrad Hurrell

The Manly Sea Eagles
Brett Stewart
2. Jorge Taufua
3. Tom Trbojevic
4. Brayden Wiliame
5. Matthew Wright
6. Jamie Lyon
7. Apisai Koroisau
8. Darcy Lussick
9. Matt Parcell
10. Martin Taupau
11. Lewis Brown
12. Jamie Buhrer
13. Jake Trbojevic
14. Blake Leary
15. Josh Starling
16. Addin-Fonua Blake
17. Siosaia Vave
18. Liam Knight

It has been confirmed by Manly that Liam Knight will make his debut, which means either Starling, AFB or Leary will drop out for him. The injury to Myles is covered by the return of Taupau from suspension, who shifts to prop. There is also doubts about the fitness of Jamie Lyon, who is attempting to return from hamstring issues.

As for the Titans, Hurrell is in some doubt after Hamstring problems which is why he is named as 18th man.

So, want to know the only fullback in the game that I think is worse than Jack Wighton? Well that’s William Zillman. The man is a turd, and offers less than nothing in attack and defense. He tries, but he just doesn’t have any talent at all. The only reason he is still playing in the first grade side is because he is one of the side’s captains. He is completely useless.

Tyrone Roberts is a weird sort of player. I like him, but I don’t think he is that good. He has one or two really good games a year, but most other times he is just kinda mediocre. He is certainly not bad or anything, but he crumbles under pressure. However, Ashley Taylor has been the buy and rookie of the year. I really, really wished we managed to snag him last year, he has been an amazing player, essentially having to steer a side by himself due to the lack of quality in his halves partner.

Nathan Friend is not good, like he isn’t that bad but he is very average. However Nathan Peats is pretty good honestly. I am glad that Neil Henry is stubbornly sticking to Friend starting, because if Peats is starting I would be afraid that the Titans would destroy us in the early stages of the game, heck they might still do.

The Titans have been succeeding mainly because of their forward pack, which might be one of the most underrated packs in the game. Ryan James is in career best form, moving to prop has worked wonders on his game, his penalties are down a little and he can still cart the ball forward incredibly well. Meanwhile Luke Douglas is a very underrated and fit player, and I can’t recall him ever having a bad game. As for their second row, Paasi is an incredible impact player, essentially what Martin Taupau is supposed to be whilst McQueen and Taia are both in vintage form. This is a forward pack that craps all over ours, especially with our omissions.

Liam Knight is getting a debut which is nice, however I doubt he will be able to do much, since it takes a while for young forwards to really cement their stance in first grade. Heck it took half a season for Jake to finally show some consistency. So I doubt his inclusion is going to help us too much.

Here is the thing with the Titans, they aren’t good, like at all. All you need to do it complete against them and defend at acceptable enough levels and I think you will be able to beat them. They can punish you for having a bad game, but they struggle to beat decent opposition. Case in point, last week. Parramatta weren’t good offensively, but they completed, defended decently and held out this side. Do I think we can do this…. Probably not but still.

Yeah I am not very confident about this game. The Titans will be fired up, and whilst we might be annoyed and fired up after our performance last week, I doubt it. I think they will manage to punish us during out ’20 minute break’ period this game and we will lose. When we played them last year it was the catalyst for our end of the season run, but I doubt it will be the same here. I think the Titans will win by about 8 points


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Mar 6, 2016
I'm going Gold Coast by 18. Too much commitment compared to us who play 40 not 80. You can bag zillman but ATM our fullback is worse based on his form


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Dec 16, 2015
Myles to make a shock recovery, steer the team to victory and win the Dally M just on this performance.


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Jul 29, 2010
Coast by 10 if Killer is out.In and we are a chance with Kapow and Parcell to shine.I think Parcell finally worked it out that he needs to run from dummy half more against Penrith and I think we will see a great back end of the season from him.


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Aug 16, 2013
If Killer is playing we're half a chance, dodgy hammy or not. But if its Godinet (as rumoured), we're probably gonna get done unfortunately. Pita is a competitor and he needs to be for his size, but unlike another famous pint sized Manly half of days gone by, Pita's heart isn't backed up by great talent. Koroisau and Godinet as halves should hold no fear, even for the Titans.

Hell, I'd have been happier to see a re-shuffle of either Tom to 5/8, Brown to centre, Leary into the back row and AFB on the bench.....or Parcell to 5/8, Brown to hooker, Leary to the back row and AFB on the bench.

If Killer couldn't play I'd have been even happier if Mateo was brought in but I have more chance of Hugh Hefner making me the heir to his Playboy throne than Mateo does of playing first grade for us any time soon.

I'm hoping to see Tom, Jorge and Wiliame get a lot of open space tonight. I'm also hoping that Snake can start getting back into form. He usually plays well against the GC. And I want to see Lussick, Taupau and Jake pound the Tits forwards into submission.

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